Yellow butter for skin care? Things to keep in mind

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The use of turmeric in beauty treatments is nothing new. However, just as there are benefits, there are also dangers of misuse.
It is a very old custom to apply yellow on the bride before marriage. Now it has got a lavish formality. Whether it is a wedding ceremony or not, I want to be gayehlud.

Yellow makhle on the bride’s body will look like raw turmeric – this idea may be the introduction of gayehludera. However, the various ingredients in turmeric are really beneficial for the skin. Raw turmeric helps in brightening the complexion, eliminating acne, rashes, allergies and various scars. Raw turmeric has antiseptic power. That means it also acts as a natural antiseptic.

However, like all other ingredients, turmeric should be used knowingly. For those who regularly use turmeric for skin care, it is important to know the pros and cons; Either way, doing good can be counterproductive.

Not just yellow

Many people apply raw turmeric paste on the skin. However, it is better to use turmeric mixed with other ingredients. It gives better results. If the skin is oily, use turmeric mixed with milk, gram flour, honey or lemon. If it is dry, you will get good results by using sour curd instead of honey. Carrot juice and olive oil can be mixed with turmeric to brighten the skin.

Mix sandal powder and lemon juice with raw turmeric to get rid of acne. After 15 minutes, wash your face with warm water. Remember, it is best to use any natural herbal ingredient mixed with milk, honey, yogurt, gram flour.

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Not every day

You can use turmeric one or two days a week instead of daily for skin care. Using turmeric scrub every day will scratch the inside of the skin. Wrinkles form on the skin sooner than usual. Use turmeric on days when you don’t have to go out. This is because if you go to the sun immediately after using turmeric, skin burns, burns and other side effects can occur. Use turmeric at night if possible.




If you have allergies

If you have allergic skin problems, it is best not to use turmeric. This can make allergies worse. For this, you should not apply too much turmeric on the skin or use turmeric pack at the beginning.

Apply a small amount on the skin of the hand to see if it is inflamed. Then gradually increase the amount of turmeric used.

Eye care

Yellow helps to remove dark spots under the eyes. For this you can mix butter or olive oil with a little turmeric and apply it under the eyes. Wash off after 15 minutes. At this time, be careful not to let the yellow pack get into your eyes.

Not more than 20 minutes

Turmeric should not be kept for more than 20 minutes using the pack. This can cause dark yellow spots to appear on the skin. Rash may be seen again. Use turmeric evenly on the skin. More in one place, less in another. After applying turmeric, wash it well. Soap should not be used on the skin within 10 hours after applying turmeric. This can also cause burns and rashes.


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