Without diet, Without exercise You can lose your extra weight

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If you think that extra weight is creating extra problem in your life and you can’t do good physical exercise due to lack of time or you can’t control diet at the same time, then I tell you trust me, there is no need to diet, there is no need to do physical exercise, without diet, without exercise you can lose your extra weight.

without diet, without exercise you can lose your extra weight

Today I will tell you about 5 Habits that if you can grow within yourself, believe me, within a few days, you will be permanently free from your extra weight. Let’s not waste time talking nonsense. Let’s know how to get rid of excess belly fat or belly fat.

How to Without exercise you can lose your extra weight

1. Calorie Calculation:

If we consume extra calories from the amount of calories that our body needs to run then we start gaining weight. So if you want to control your weight, you need to know or understand how many calories you need. Scientific research says that it sends signals from our stomach or stomach to our head about how many calories we need or whether we have consumed uSufficient Calorie. And for this work the brain takes 15-20 minutes. And before that we do whatever it takes to do harm! Because you eat the whole meal in 5-6 minutes. What’s more, before the signal reaches the brain from the stomach, you are consuming extra calories by eating extra food.

So what do you have to do from today? You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Food Speed ​​should be slowed down. I will make a routine of minimum 15-20 minutes, that is, I have to eat slowly. Then the brain will have enough time to tell you that you have taken sufficient calorie, now stop eating. This means that as soon as the brain sends a signal to Stomach, you will see that you no longer want to eat. So from today onwards, I will not eat food at high speed. Do not eat food in 4-5 minutes.

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2. Avoid drinking water / water while eating:

This point will not only reduce your body fat or fat but can also save you from many diseases of the body. Those of us who are Bengalis or Indians living in Kolkata or West Bengal have a bad habit of drinking water while drinking. And if we drink water while drinking, we do not know how much damage we are doing to our body.

Did you know that the moment we eat food, a kind of saliva or juice is formed in our mouth? And this juice or saliva starts the process of digestion from our mouth! Then slowly after the bile juice in the stomach and this bile juice but also controls your entire digest system. It decomposes the food and mixes it with the body. And what happens when you eat and drink water or drink plenty of water after a meal? At that moment, the saliva and petals of our mouths are being washed out.




Which is why the foods you eat are not being completely digested. As a result, your Stomach is getting a lot of gas. Not only is this increasing your weight but it is also increasing your chances of getting many diseases. Science So science say, The best time to drink water is to drink enough water 30 minutes before eating and drink water 30-40 minutes after receiving whole food. By doing this, the food you take during this time will be fully digested. And in this way, your body will gradually get less fat than before and you can get rid of hundreds of diseases.

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3. Empty Stomach :

If you are on an empty stomach or Empty Stomach, but your stomach will produce a lot of gas. And this gas will slowly inflate your Empty Stomach. And at last it will change the size of your belly to belly. So what do we have to do? From today onwards, you can no longer be on an empty stomach.

Every 3 hours a small amount of food should be taken. One of the bad habits of our society is that we don’t eat maximum time all day and whenever we eat we jump on the food. I will not jump on food from today. I will take light food every 3 hours.

4. Use 30% small plate to get rid of bad habits:

People who overeat, however, develop a bad habit from food. This habit causes more food intake. What do you have to do for her? A simple solution. From today, reduce the size of your food plate. If you reduce your plate of food by at least 25-30% then the amount of your food will automatically decrease day by day. So from today, reduce the size of the plate to the size of the food you eat. That is, change that plate and use a smaller plate (25-30%). You will see that the habit has changed in a few days.

5. Eat properly:

There is a saying, “You eat in the morning like a king, eat at noon like a tenant and have dinner at night like a little bird.” Yes, this is our natural habit. But Bangladeshis and Indians do exactly the opposite. In other words, I eat light tea-biscuits in the morning, light or something in the afternoon and I consume the most amount of food from school-college, work all day long. Since you do not have any activities all night, you stay in bed, but here the problem is created. ঐ whole food, whole calorie but the stomach is accumulated and gradually begins to be bloated.

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So from today on I will have breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a tenant and eat dinner like a little bird. If you follow these 3 sections, believe me you will get results in a few days. Today’s discussion is mainly about losing weight or bloating, not what happens when you eat too much rice .


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