Why is it important to get married to stay healthy?

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Marriage is not just a social bond. Marriage binds two people together. As a result of marriage, the minds of two people are exchanged. As a result, two people can share their thoughts and feelings. As a result, loneliness, frustration, and fatigue can all be eliminated. So it is important to get married to stay healthy.

Why is it important to get married to stay healthy

Information that has recently been published in a report on a health website. Find out what’s been said about marriage and health.

Why is it important to get married to stay healthy?


As a result of marriage, regular physical relations are established between husband and wife. This increases the couple’s immune system.

Bladder control in women

Normal sex keeps a woman’s bladder muscles active. The muscles of the pelvic floor contract, especially during orgasm, which is also a good exercise. Because about 30 percent of women find it difficult to control their bladder at some point.

Lowers blood pressure

Researcher Joseph J. thinks that regular physical contact lowers blood pressure. Pinson. Research shows that physical contact lowers blood pressure.





The regular body consumes about five calories per minute. According to the researchers, there are two types of benefits in physical intercourse. One. Brings heartbeat, two. Simultaneously activates many muscles.

Risk of heart attack

Physical contact is good for the heart. In addition to maintaining a good heart rate, it regulates the levels of estrogen and testosterone. Researchers say that those who engage in physical activity at least two days a week are less likely to die of a heart attack.

Reduces pain

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‘Orgasm’ is more effective in reducing pain. Professor Berry R. Commissaruk said orgasm can stop the pain. This is because the hormones that are released in it increase the body’s resistance to pain.


You will be able to sleep faster after sexual intercourse. This is because the hormone that is released during orgasm relaxes the body and makes you feel sleepy.


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