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When Winter is coming, take care of winter clothes

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air is frosty, the humidity is gone and the feeling of dryness is signaling winter is coming. The weather says it is still a month late for winter. But before that you have to take out the blanket. That was put up a year ago at the end of winter. So far a layer of dust has fallen on him. Let’s get rid of all that and make a blanket for the winter again.

When Winter is coming, take care of winter clothes

Coating care

If the coating is made of shimul cotton, then washing is a thing of the past, dry washing cannot be done. In this case, apply the coating in the sun. This will clear the dust on the coating. If the coating has a cover, take it off. If the coating is not clean, the chances of allergy are high.

Blanket care

The same goes for blankets. It is also important to keep it clean. But blankets can be washed. Wash with shampoo for ten minutes and dry in the sun. You can put it in the laundry to avoid trouble. From there he will send blankets.




Kantha care

Cleaning the kantha is not a difficult task. Kantha can be easily picked at home. Then dry it in the sun and use it. Not just blankets and blankets; Winter also means the season of woolen clothes and leather jackets. It is important to take care of them too.

Sweater care

Do not wash fur coats or wool sweaters in warm water but in cold water. However, you can add a little lemon juice and vinegar to the water while washing. The color will be right. When ironing a fur coat, you must spread a cotton sheet over it. Do not touch the iron directly with the fur.

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Leather jacket care

These must be put in the laundry. It is not possible to clean such jackets at home. Put laundry in the laundry without cleaning it at home. These should never be given in the sun. When the jacket is a few years old, change the inner lining.


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