What to use for an old newspaper

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Many people load their houses with old newspapers. Or sell it. But without having to sell or store old papers, use them for something different. Which will make your daily routine easier.

What to use for an old newspaper

What to use for an old newspaper

To clean the windows

It is very difficult to remove stains from window glass with the help of cloth. In that case, cleaning windows with old newsprint absorbs moisture from the glass and cleans it well. To get better results, glass can be cleaned using vinegar and water solution instead of soapy water. The car can be cleaned in the same way.

Him to keep things

Newsprint absorbs moisture and does not easily age. So he can be used to spread things with the newspaper. Moreover, it is affordable, can be discarded after use and looks clean. So you can use it as you wish and change it after a few days.

To clean the grille




Cleaning the grill after a sandwich, grill or barbecue is quite difficult. Turn off the switch and wait a while after work is done. Then sprinkle a few drops of water inside and out and clean it with the help of an old newspaper.

To clean the barbecue grill

Spray water over the four layers of paper grill in such a way that the paper absorbs it. Then close the barbecue lid and wait 15 minutes. Clean the inside well with that paper. Wipe all at the end with a dry cloth.

To pack accessories

Newspapers can be used to save something. Wrap the paper in three layers to make a packet that is likely to break. You can also put some paper inside the cup, such as a cup. And wrap some paper around the thing. It will keep things good and will not break.

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