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What to eat to increase platelets after dengue

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Even a few days ago, dengue was the name of a panic. Dengue fever was on the rise across the country. And even at this time the amount of mosquitoes is not less. Due to this, the fear of getting dengue remains.

Dengue reduces the amount of platelets in the blood. And this element plays an important role in blood clotting and bleeding. This can increase the risk of internal bleeding and rash. People with low blood platelets are also at risk for various infections.

What to eat to increase platelets after dengue_

But the good news is, you can also increase your blood platelets in a natural way. For this you have to eat different kinds of food. Which will help increase platelets. Know the type of food that will increase platelets in the blood:

1. Vitamin B

12 Eating foods rich in vitamin B-12 will help increase platelets in your blood. Even a lack of this vitamin can often lead to a decrease in platelet count. So you can eat various foods rich in vitamin B-12 such as eggs, fish, chicken and other meats.




2. Folate

Folate is a B type vitamin; Which is essential for the healthy growth of cells. It is also known as Vitamin B-9 and Folasin. This vitamin can help increase platelet levels, increase tissue growth, and improve brain function.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C rich foods are very popular for their immune boosting properties. At the same time it also plays an important role in increasing the number of platelets. Vitamin C in citrus fruits also increases the body’s ability to absorb iron; Which is another essential nutrient to increase platelet count.

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4. Iron

deficiency in the body can lead to anemia. In addition, the lack of red blood cells, which carry enough oxygen to the body’s tissues, is reduced. So eating enough iron-rich foods can also increase red blood cell levels and platelet count


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