What to eat special care of body and skin in winter?

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Due to the change of seasons, winter is in full swing in nature. After a few days, public life will be jubuthubu in the bone-chilling winter. At this time, special care should be taken towards food and body care. There is a risk of getting sick if you do not eat regular food. This is because the immune system is weakened in winter.

Herbal researcher and physician Dr. gave details about winter food. Alamgir Moti.

What to eat special care of body and skin in winter

If the rules of eating in winter are not followed properly, on the one hand, physical problems will appear and the skin will also become dull. So keep an eye on the diet to keep pace with the seasons.

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* It is possible to keep the skin bright only if the body is healthy. Problems with dehydration occur at the beginning and end of winter. Because, the tendency to drink water in cold weather decreases. This time you need to drink more water. Drink light lukewarm water. Sometimes you can also drink coconut water and fruit juice. A variety of soups, hot milk, tea without milk, three to four drops of lemon juice can be included in the menu of three meals throughout the day. It will also act as an antioxidant with water. Winter increases the body’s need for antioxidants.

* Eat plenty of seasonal fruits such as oranges, apples, malts, etc. A variety of winter fruits and vegetables. The fiber and antioxidants present in them keep the body alive and help in digestion of food. Eliminates numbness of the body. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain biotin which keeps skin and hair healthy. So it is important to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Try to eat natural food instead of processed or frozen food.

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* In winter, the skin becomes rough. Fatty acids are essential for good skin health. Eat more nuts and fish. Adhere to a balanced diet. Eat salads made with various fruits and vegetables of this period. Protein foods help keep the body warm while maintaining body temperature.

* There are various occasions during winter and lots of food is also eaten. So the calories in the body also increase. In winter, you can drink green tea instead of tea and coffee made with milk. Avoid extra fried foods. If you want to eat salad instead of this type of food, you can use olive oil as it has less amount of saturated fat which is good for heart. Try to eat less carbohydrate foods. If necessary, eat less rice and bread. Eat salad with plenty of water and fruit.

* Since some physical problems increase in winter, you can take the help of some special herbs to keep the body healthy. These help prevent colds, coughs or other seasonal illnesses. Basil is effective in boosting immunity. Basil contains beta carotene and eugenol. Beta carotene acts as an antioxidant and kills eugenic bacteria. Eat a few basil leaves mixed with Rangchai every day and you will see that your body has become healthy. Tulsi is very useful for sore throat. Eat basil leaves mixed with soup, salad or pasta. The discomfort in the throat will go away.


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