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What to do to prevent tooth decay at an early age

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Irregular living, various diseases, neglect of the tongue, all these factors cause tooth decay before old age. Not only adults but also children get tooth decay or cavities.

What to do to prevent tooth decay at an early age

If the teeth begin to decay quickly, it is important to consult a doctor. As well as following a few home remedies to solve this problem in the long run.

Here’s what to look for and tactics to help ease the way


Eating raw onions plate Many of the habit of sitting there. You know, eating onions regularly eliminates various dental problems. When the teeth start to decay, hold a piece of onion in that tooth. This will destroy the germs responsible for tooth decay. As a result, tooth decay will be prevented.


Yellow is a very effective ingredient in various problems of teeth and gums. Turmeric contains anti-bacterial ingredients that can kill various germs. To prevent tooth decay, make a paste by mixing a little water with turmeric powder and apply it on the affected tooth and its base.




Hot water and salt

Gargle with a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water to prevent tooth decay. At this time leave salt water in the mouth for one minute. Then grate and discard. This will also reduce tooth decay.

Avoid sugar and sweets

Stop eating sugary and sweet foods. This is the cause of tooth decay in most children. According to the World Health Organization, the main cause of tooth decay is overeating. They suggest that sugar should be consumed less than 10 percent of the total daily calories.

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Take sour yogurt

Vitamin ‘D’. This vitamin keeps the teeth healthy. Foods rich in vitamin D and calcium such as pickles are good for teeth.

Tooth decay can be due to various reasons. However, regular cleaning of the face reduces the risk of various dental diseases. Brush your teeth at least 2-3 times a day and keep your tongue clean. As well as following these rules will prevent tooth decay quickly.


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