What to do to lose weight?

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Obesity has become such a problem that people want to get rid of it as soon as possible, because it causes many diseases, on the other hand some people become very thin and they want to gain weight. After many attempts, they failed. What to eat in this situation is also a matter of concern.

What to do to lose weight

What to do to lose weight?

1. Fill a plate and eat salad before eating. Start eating after eating the whole salad. This will make your stomach full of low calorie, anti-oxidant and vitamins and it will be easy to lose weight.

2. Take soup before eating. These low calorie foods will satisfy your appetite.

3. Cook all foods except oil. This task will be easier if you know the ‘Saul method’ of frying or tampering without oil. Learn this method with the help of books written on zero oil and related books.

4. At breakfast, fill a plate and eat the fruit. You can eat watermelon, papaya, apple and orange. However, do not eat high calorie fruits like apples, bananas, chickpeas and grapes. If you like these fruits very much, you can taste one piece.

5. Eat only one chapati for lunch or dinner. If you are very hungry, you can eat another chapati from time to time. Even then, if the stomach is not full, then eat salad and fruit.

6. Drink a glass of water ten to fifteen minutes before a meal, it will make you feel full.

7. At dinner, you can take a plate of cooked vegetables or soup, you can include cabbage, beans, carrots or radishes. Add chutney or sauce to taste.

8. You can eat bread as you wish at night, but the amount should be less. Fill the stomach up to 60 percent and drink some water. Even after this you have to leave some space in the stomach. If you still feel hungry then you can eat boiled vegetables or salad.

9. Eat any fruit whenever you feel hungry during breakfast or lunch. There are no restrictions.

10. No matter what salad you eat, it should be well chopped and garnished. This makes the salad delicious.

11. Chopped fruits can also be taken for evening breakfast. You can also eat popcorn or fried rice with onion, cucumber, potato and spices.

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12. If you want to eat something sweet after lunch or dinner, you can eat chopped fruits. Petha or molasses can be eaten in the sweetness of zero oil.

13. Cereals are high in calories, so do not consume too much. You can eat these with green leafy vegetables. For example, if you want a chapati, you can add carrot, radish, cabbage or cauliflower stuffing to it. Spinach can also be added to the chapati. You can add cooked vegetables or peas to the rice.

14. Always cook pulses with vegetables. With it you can reduce the amount of calories in pulses.

15. Whenever you feel hungry, drink fresh juice of seasonal, pomegranate, watermelon and orange. Their low calorie intake will not harm you.

16. You can add wheat bran or chaff to your chapati. The ratio of wheat to bran should be 75:25.

17. If you want to eat biscuits, eat only 1-2 Mary biscuits, because they contain very few calories.

18. You need to remember that sugar is a good source of calories. Instead, artificial sweeteners like Sweetex, Equal or Sugar Free can be used. One teaspoon of sugar gives you 20 percent extra calories.

19. Take skimmed or fat-free milk instead of milk or cow’s milk. This will reduce the calories. You should only eat dairy foods made from skimmed milk.

20. Eat skimmed milk curd raita with food. A little salt can be added to taste. It is also a low calorie food.

21. Eat sprouted grains every day. Salads cut into small pieces can also be added. Add some spices and lemon juice to enhance the taste.

22. Have some fruits, vegetables and soup at any party first. When eating out, eat plain chapatis, low-fat vegetables and some raita, stay away from ice cream and sweets.

23. If you are going on a short trip, take vegetables, chapatis and fruits from home without oil.

24. If you want to lose weight, walking is a good solution. Walk briskly for at least half an hour every day.

25. If you are a fan of cold drinks, you can drink Diet Coke or Pepsi, as it is a calorie-free drink.

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26. If you want to eat cheese, make it at home with skimmed or double toned milk. Ordinary cottage cheese is high in calories.

27. You can cook all South Indian food without oil. Some cereals are high in calories, so don’t eat them.

28. Drink one cup of bottled juice every morning. To make it, take about half a kilo of vegetables (ghee) in a mixer. Strain the mixture and drink raw. This will help you lose weight.

29. Eating lightly fried peanuts with tea or coffee without sugar some time before meal satisfies hunger quickly and people eat less food. In this way the body weight gradually decreases.

30. Eat brown bread.

31. Abstain from alcohol.

32. Eat fruit with peel.




33. Eat sprouted grains.

34. Eat to live and do not live to eat.

35. If you want to fast, you should eat fruits and juices. If you fast one day a week, you will lose a lot of weight.

36. If you keep yourself busy, you will not pay attention to food. If you sit empty, you will feel more hungry.

37. Do not use any oil while cooking.

38. Do not eat bread covered with ghee. Each tablespoon of ghee or oil provides 50 calories, which will not allow you to lose weight.

39. Do not eat ghee-rich paratha or poor food. They are rich in fat and calories.

40. Do not eat more than two chapatis in any meal. A dried chapati contains about one hundred calories.

41. Don’t eat high-calorie pasta.

42. Avoid foods made from flour. If you have to eat such food, then include more salads and vegetables.

43. Don’t eat too much bread, toast or sandwiches. If you only take one, don’t be tempted to take more and don’t put butter or cheese on them. You can enhance the taste with green chutney.

44. Do not use any type of butter in food. About 10 grams of butter contains 90 calories.

45. Do not add sugar to any liquid drink or juice, it will increase the amount of calories.

46. ​​Do not garnish salad with fatty mayonnaise or cream.

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47. Fried samosas, kachori should not be eaten. You can eat fruit or juice instead.

48. Do not add cream or butter to your soup.

49. Pizza is also a high calorie food. Don’t eat it. If you want more, you can take a piece without cheese.

50. It is better to stay away from high calorie cold drinks.

51. Condensed milk is also harmful for you.

52. Avoid dried fruits like cashews, walnuts, nuts etc. The fat found in these can increase your weight. You should not eat food made from them.

53. Do not include any food made from coconut in the diet.

54. Refrain from eating oily sweets like Gulab Jamun, Halua, Laddu, Gujia, Jalebi, Peda and Bundi.

55. Be sure to eat cakes and pastries. If you like sweets very much then eat sweets of Zero Oil.

56. If you like to eat ice cream, eat a spoonful from someone else’s cup instead of a whole meal, because more ice cream can hurt you.

57. Do not eat sweets made from khoya. They also have a lot of calories and do not fill the stomach.

58. If you want to lose weight, reject chocolate and milk chocolate from afar.

59. Never bow to the orders of relatives or friends who want you to eat sweet or high calorie food. Reject them with love and eat soup or salad. If they insist on it, it may take some time to satisfy them.

60. Don’t eat oily snacks with tea or coffee at a friend’s or relative’s house, you may regret it.

61. Do not eat stuffed food. Always keep a little empty stomach. Keep this in mind at any hotel or party.

62. Do not starve yourself. This increases the desire to eat. This will make weight loss more difficult.

63. Do not eat more than four times a day.

64. Do not go to the gym or work hard to lose weight, because it is a temporary remedy, it also increases stress.

65. Do not lose more than four kg in a month. This can lead to weakness. There is no harm in losing 2-3 kg weight per month.


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