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What to do if you have a headache

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There are very few people who do not suffer from headaches. Headaches are our daily companion. Working with headaches all day is very painful. Tension headaches usually occur at the end of work or at the end of the day. Not being able to do any work properly usually makes us tense at the end of the day.

What to do if you have a headache

Many of us do not know what to do if we have a headache, or what to do if we have a headache, the cause of the headache. If you have a headache, you can’t concentrate on any task. Again, when we are under extra work stress it can cause headaches.

Causes of headaches:

The main cause of headaches is tension. Basically, the headache starts around the tension. If you have a headache due to tension, it does not go away easily. As our tension increases, so does our headache. Most of us don’t know that migraines are caused by headaches. Headaches are one of a kind. Sometimes the headache is on one side, sometimes it is on both sides.

The pain that occurs on one side is migraine pain, and the pain that occurs on both sides or all over the head is the pain caused by tension. There are several causes of headaches due to tension. For example: lack of sleep, not eating food for any reason, taking extra sleeping pills.

Many people simply take the headache for granted. It seems to them that the headache will go away on its own. But at the end of the day, when you feel the pain of the headache, then you realize that the headache should not be taken lightly. Again, many people become very serious when they have a headache. Then they try to get rid of the headache pain instead of sitting down with a headache. Many of us don’t know what to do if we have a headache. Again, many people take Pain Killer as directed by a doctor. However, Pain Killer is usually taken for headaches. So if you follow some tips at home or at home without going out, you can get rid of the headache.

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Let’s not know what to do if you have a headache and what methods to use

Ginger: Ginger is a food rich in nutrients. The use of ginger in the prevention of various diseases is particularly noteworthy. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that help reduce headaches. Ginger tea can also be used to relieve headaches.




Water: Water is very beneficial for our body. Drinking water on an empty stomach every morning will no longer cause headaches. Drinking water in the morning makes our whole body very cold. As a result, we can do anything with a cool head.

Massage: Massage on both sides of the head or wherever the whole head feels pain. Massage the two sides of the vein well. You can use your thumb and forefinger for this.

Arrange to stay in the dark: If you have a headache, stay in low light. Because when light falls on the eyes, it brings effect to the normal head. If you are sitting in front of continuous light, there will be problems in the head and there may be problems in the eyes. Also stay away from computer, laptop or mobile phone. Relax yourself for a while to reduce the headache pain. If possible, take 1 hour sleep, you will see that the headache is completely cured. Getting enough sleep will help reduce your headaches.

Use an ice bag or ice bag: There is no substitute for ice to keep your head cool. Different types of ice bags are available in the market. Put a few pieces of ice on your head in an eye bag or ice bag, then you will feel a lot of peace. Many people also get headaches due to excessive heat. Ice is needed for those who can’t stand the heat at all. Taking ice in an ice bag and holding it on the palm of the head will relieve the headache.

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Mint leaf juice: There are many benefits of mint leaves. Mint leaves contain menthol, manthon. Take a handful of mint leaf juice and apply it on the forehead to get rid of the headache. Or, you can eat mint leaf tea. If you add mint leaves with tea, it will become mint leaf tea.

Eating cloves: If you can smell cloves, you will get relief from headache. If you want you can eat it with tea and cloves. You also need to heat the clove and take its scent in a cloth or handkerchief. Then relax for a while.

What to do if you have a headache in the first place, usually people use Pain Killer. Excessive headaches must consult a doctor. However, I think you can solve what to do if you have a headache sitting at home. So if we want to be free from headaches, we have to be tension free and live a happy life.


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