What to do if there is too much salt in the curry?

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No matter how good the curry is cooked, it tastes good without salt. Even if the salt becomes too much again, the curry cannot be taken in the mouth. Many times when we go to cook curry for various reasons, the amount of salt increases a little more. Disadvantages of eating later. So know what to do if there is too much salt in the curry.

What to do if there is too much salt in the curry


In vegetables that have a lot of broth, if there is a lot of salt, a piece of potato peel is added to it. In this way, if you boil the broth with potatoes for 20 minutes, it will absorb the extra salt.

Flour balls

If you have too much salt, you can make a ball of flour depending on the amount of curry and leave it in the curry. Usually two or three balls are given. You can also boil the flour or make raw flour balls and add it to the curry. However, the ball must be removed while serving food.

Condensed milk




Roasted condensed milk is very effective in reducing salt. Pour half a cup of pre-heated condensed milk and add salt to the curry. It will increase the taste of vegetables many times.


Yogurt will do the same thing as condensed milk. Those who do not mind sweets, they can use sweet yogurt. Otherwise, sour yogurt will work very well in this case. But before giving yoghurt, it should be beaten well.


Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Just throw it away before serving. In this case you can also use fried onions. In that case the curry will have a different spicy taste!

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Vinegar and sugar

Mix one tablespoon of vinegar with two teaspoons of sugar and pour it in the curry. The sour taste of vinegar, and the sweetness of sugar together will easily remove the extra salty taste of the curry.


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