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What to do if hot oil splashes on the body

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Cooking is a hobby for some people, but a responsibility for others. Whether it’s a hobby or a hobby, we have to cook to make food every day. This work has to be done slowly and efficiently. If you go to finish cooking in a hurry, many times you can get burnt by spraying hot oil.

What to do if hot oil splashes on the body

If a drop of hot oil is needed, it is not a problem. But a little more, but difficult. At the same time, blisters will appear on the burnt area, otherwise the skin will turn black due to oil spray.

In most cases oil splashes are present but ointment may not always be on hand. This can lead to blisters and burns on the affected area. However, there are some home remedies that can easily prevent major skin damage.

What to do if hot oil splashes on the body

Cold water:

Cold water in the fridge is very useful when hot oil is sprinkled. Cold water reduces burning sensation. The burnt area should be washed with cold water every 2-3 hours. However, ice cannot be used at all on the burnt area. This is because the ice stops the blood circulation in the burn area and causes damage to the burn site.


More or less everyone has honey in their house. Honey has been used to treat wounds and burns since ancient times due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying honey will reduce blisters and it will dry out quickly.

Aloe vera:




Applying aloe vera on the affected area after spraying hot oil reduces the irritation a lot. If you have an aloe vera tree at home, you can quickly tear off its leaves and apply it on the wound. Due to the medicinal properties of aloe vera, due to its moisturizing and cooling properties, it is used in the treatment of burns. Aloe vera can heal initially burn wounds and reduce pain relief.

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Banana peel:

Even if the banana peel is applied on the burnt area, relief is available. Apply on the burnt part of the banana or banana peel until the peel turns black.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is a very useful thing for oil splash area. If you suddenly spill oil on your hands, put a little coconut oil in it. Apply coconut oil on the burnt area after a while. You will see that the burning has decreased a lot.


If oil splashes, wash the wound with clean water. After 30 minutes use sour yogurt there. The affected area will be much colder.

Tea bags:

Tea bags can be used on the affected area if hot oil is sprayed on the body. Tea bags contain tannic acid. It absorbs heat from the affected area and cools the burned area. This greatly reduces the pain.


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