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What to do if hernia?

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To stay healthy, you have to pay more attention to what you don’t eat without paying attention to what you eat. Eating fast food and unhealthy foods sold on the side of the road causes us to lose our digestive energy, food is not digested on time and we have gas and constipation.

What to do if hernia

Today we are suffering from various diseases due to not paying attention to our food and health. Eating unhealthy foods and smoking cigarettes can cause flatulence and bloating. Many serious diseases start from the stomach. So without delay your stomach swelling should be thoroughly examined and its cause should be found out. The reason for the swelling in your abdomen may be a hernia. The most common cause of abdominal swelling is not any other disease but the hernia itself.

What is a hernia?

Hernia is a serious physical disease. Other diseases can occur if not treated in time. In the case of a hernia, any part of the human body becomes larger than normal. The disease can affect any part of the body, but in most cases hernias are found in the human abdomen. Due to the deterioration of the abdominal muscles, the size of the intestines increases more than necessary, which causes the problem of abdominal hernia.

In very rare cases, the hernia has healed without treatment. In almost all cases, the hernia should be treated properly and in a timely manner. If not treated at the right time, the patient may die. If you experience swelling or pain in your abdomen, get checked by a doctor immediately and get better treatment. Ignoring it for a long time can cause you problems.


Hernia test




Hernia can be diagnosed very easily because the skin of the part of the abdomen where the hernia occurs is slightly elevated on the outside. It is not difficult for the doctor to check. With the help of tests, the doctor can better understand the disease of hernia and its condition and then choose the best treatment option. In many cases, the affected area does not appear to be protruding even after a hernia, in which case the doctor may recommend a physical examination, abdominal ultrasound, blood test, and MRI. In addition to these, the doctor told the patient to get up and cough. This is a way to test for a hernia.

The best treatment for hernia problems

Hernia is a disease that can be dangerous if not treated properly. Along with the development of technology, there has also been development in the medical field. Today many advanced medical devices are present in front of us, with the help of which even big diseases can be cured very easily. Doctors believe that the best treatment for hernia is laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic surgery can permanently eliminate hernia problems.

When patients are fully prepared for treatment, the physician gives them general anesthesia. Which causes the patient to become unconscious and then the process of laparoscopic surgery begins. For surgery, a small incision is made in the patient’s abdomen through which a thin tube is inserted into his abdomen. At the end of it is a small camera that allows the doctor to see the patient’s internal organs very well. This device is called a laparoscope.

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The laparoscope is a state-of-the-art camera that allows physicians to see the patient’s internal organs more closely. With the help of this they can better understand the cause and condition of the disease. Hernia surgery is completed within about half an hour and then the laparoscope is removed from the body. Laparoscopic surgery is much better than open surgery and this is why most people choose it.

Laparoscopic surgery is a very short, simple and safe procedure. It does not cause any pain to the patient. There are no stitches during surgery and there is no risk of scarring. This surgical procedure reduces pain and bleeding. The patient is discharged from the hospital on or after the day of surgery. After laparoscopic surgery, the patient recovers very quickly and after 48 hours he is fully fit to start his daily routine.


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