What to do for healthy hair?

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A bunch of hair on the head is one of the most important part of our beauty. Who doesn’t want long, black, thick hair. But if you want, you can’t get beautiful hair anymore. To get beautiful hair you need to keep your hair healthy. Hearing this, maybe many will say eyebrow wrinkles, hair health again! Yes brother, hair also needs to be in good health.

What to do for healthy hair

And if you have good hair health, you will get beautiful, thick, black, long hair. But now the question is what to do to keep the hair healthy? Want to know what? So let’s find out today how you can keep your hair healthy or what you can do to keep your hair healthy.

What to do for healthy hair:

1. The health of our hair depends on proper nutrition. That is why we should eat nutritious food. We need to have plenty of protein, sugars, fats, minerals and vitamins in our daily diet.

Also, if there is a lack of certain nutrients in the body, the health of the hair becomes bad and hair starts falling out. So if you have healthy and strong hair then you must eat healthy food every day.

2. Another major cause of poor hair health is anxiety. In the case of those who are overly anxious or suffer from mental depression, this effect often falls on the hair. As a result, the strength of the hair decreases.

And this shows that the hair is breaking or the hair is going later. So keep yourself away from double worries to maintain good hair health or mental health.

3. Hair coloring causes severe damage to the hair. So those who are thinking of coloring their hair are a bit careful. As the health of the hair deteriorates, the hair becomes very brittle.

As a result, very little hair began to wear. So hair color should not be done at all. And if you do, you should use a good brand of color and take regular hair care.

4. There is no substitute for oil massage in hair care. So you can massage warm oil 2-3 times a week to maintain proper health of hair. There is no pair of it to maintain the moisture of the hair follicles. Can use coconut oil, almond oil.

Massage into the hair follicles with the fingertips. Massage the oil 1 hour before shampooing. Massage into the hair follicles will also give you comfort and better sleep. If you want to thicken hair, you can also use mustard oil.

5. Use cold water to clean hair. It brings rapid changes in the hair. Soak your hair in cold water after using shampoo and conditioner. This will protect the hair from losing moisture.

As well as keeping the hair cuticle well. When washed with hot water, it makes the hair weak and rough. So avoid using hot water on hair.


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