What men should do to keep their skin fresh

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Whether it is skin or hair, one should always be aware of the heat. At present, women as well as men are quite aware of beauty. So here are some tips on how men can take care of their skin this summer.

What men should do to keep their skin fresh

Drink water

Drink plenty of water to take care of your skin in summer. Excessive sweating in summer causes dehydration. As a result, the skin becomes rough and rough. So it is necessary to drink plenty of water to maintain the balance of water in the body.

Water also helps to keep the body cool. In addition to water to keep the body cool, you can also drink fruit juice and coconut water.

When you go out of the house, apply sunscreen

Protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays to keep it healthy. Apply sunscreen outside the house. If necessary, apply sunscreen on the scalp, ears and throat. And use lip balm with SPF on the lips. Choose Broad Spectrum, Water Resistant Sunscreen to get good results.

It is better to have 30 or more SPF. Apply sunscreen every two hours after swimming or if you sweat a lot. Also use a full sleeve shirt or T-shirt, hat, umbrella and sunglasses.




Use face wipes

Face Wipes You can use face wipes when you are out in the heat. It is a tissue with a wet scent. You can wipe your face with face wipes after reaching the office or returning home. It removes dirt from the face effortlessly and makes the skin radiant and fresh.

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Do cleansing and moisturizing

Cleansing The skin becomes oily due to external moisture. According to experts, cleanse the face, hands and neck with cleanser at least twice a day to remove toxins from the skin. However, according to the skin type, use cleanser. You can wash your face with lukewarm water while using cleanser. Try to use chemical free cleanser.

Moisturizing Moisturizing in summer is very beneficial for the skin. This protects your skin from getting infected. As well as keeping the skin fresh and also protects the skin from wrinkles. Cucumber and tomato juice can also be used to hydrate and tan the skin.

Need to exfoliate

Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and keeps the skin fresh. If your skin is oily, do it at least twice a week and if your skin is dry, do it once a week. After shaving, every man should shave his beard after waking up in the morning. And if you shave, the risk of skin damage is high.

So use after shave after shaving. There are different types of good aftershave available in the market. You can use them effortlessly. You can also use soft cream or rose water. After shave heals skin lesions and restores moisture.


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