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What is Vitamin D? Source of Vitamin D

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There is no substitute for eating foods rich in vitamin D to increase the body’s resistance to disease while maintaining good health. Vitamin-D supplements are available to cure various ailments including various diseases and pests. Vitamin D also plays an important role in increasing the immunity of our body. Vitamin D is essential to protect children from some deadly diseases. Older people also need vitamin D to survive certain diseases. Overall, Vitamin D is an essential element for the well-being of the human body.

What is Vitamin D_ Source of Vitamin D

Since vitamin D is very transient, everyone should observe some vitamin D regularly. But the best news for us is that we can get vitamin D through certain foods. There are many foods that are high in vitamin D and some foods that have a limited amount of vitamin D. In today’s article we will learn about vitamin D rich foods.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is basically an organic food ingredient. Vitamin D is the organic nutrient that replenishes the body’s normal nutrients after entering our body and helps in normal growth as well as boosts the body’s immune system.

For the convenience of discussion, before knowing the list of foods rich in vitamin-D, let us know what are the main sources of vitamin D.

Source of Vitamin D

Simply put, all fats are a good source of vitamin D. However, in some cases, when we eat a variety of foods, we also get vitamin D from those foods. Fat alone is not the only source of vitamins. There are a variety of foods as a source of vitamin D. Sources of Vitamin D are-

* The simplest source of vitamin D is sunlight

* Vitamin D is found in a variety of foods

* We can get vitamin D from fatty foods

* Vitamin D is found in oil

*Vitamin D tablets or capsules

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* Sunlight. Sunlight naturally contains a lot of vitamin D (although sunlight is not food).

Basically we can get Vitamin-D from the above sources. Now let’s know the foods rich in vitamin D. Below is a brief description of the foods from which I can get vitamin D.

Vitamin D foods list

The foods we eat in our daily life contain a variety of nutrients. That’s why today we will discuss some foods that are rich in vitamin D and not harmful to our body. Let’s not exaggerate the vitamin D diet list.


The best and most readily available source of vitamin D is yogurt. Quite tasty as a food and a source of vitamin D. Yogurt plays a very good role in the digestion of stomach. Yogurt as a vitamin D rich food strengthens the bones of our body. Another important function is to increase the immunity of our body. Yogurt is a very tasty food as a source of vitamin D.


Cow’s milk contains a lot of fat particles. First of all, I said that all fatty foods contain vitamin D. The need for vitamin D is met even if it is heated in any milk container. Drinking milk in winter keeps the body very warm. Also, if one consumes a pinch of turmeric mixed with a glass of milk, the body’s immunity improves. In this way it is possible to get rid of many diseases.




Egg yolk

One of the best sources of vitamin D is egg yolks. Eggs are known to everyone as a delicious food. But eggs have many physical benefits. Eggs contain many nutrients that are beneficial for the body. The white part of the egg contains mainly protein and the yolk contains a lot of fat as well as minerals. We’ve said before that everything from fats is a source of vitamin D. So by eating egg yolk, the deficiency of vitamin D in the body can be filled.

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Although mushrooms are an expensive food, they are still a good source of vitamin D. Mushroom is a well-known and popular food as it is delicious and rich in vitamin D. Most people in Europe have mushrooms on their diet. Mushrooms are usually grown or cultivated in areas where sunlight falls. Mushrooms can be eaten in many ways. Some people cook mushrooms as curry and some eat mushrooms as pasta, salad etc.

Marine fish

Another great source of vitamin D is marine fish. Marine fish are rich in oil or vitamin D. Fish oil is also very useful in this case. Shrimp, hilsa fish eggs, salmon and other marine fish are rich in vitamin D. Marine tuna is rich in vitamin D. Basically, marine fish is one of the vitamin D foods. So if you can afford it, you should try to eat marine fish to make up for the deficiency of vitamin D.


Gutmill not only makes up for the deficiency of vitamin D but also benefits diabetics. Gutmel contains a lot of vitamin D and other vitamin components. There are minerals as well. Mixing gutmil with milk for breakfast every morning will make up for the deficiency of vitamin D and diabetics will benefit more from playing with grains. So if you want to make up for the deficiency of vitamin D and reduce diabetes, you need to eat regular gut meal with breakfast.

Liver or liver

Although the liver is rich in vitamin D, in some cases the liver is somewhat harmful to diabetics and patients with cholesterol. Cow’s liver contains the most vitamin D. Karu’s liver contains more vitamin D than any other animal. However, in the case of the liver, especially cholesterol patients need to think a little.

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Vitamin D -rich leafy vegetables

There are some vegetables that are rich in vitamin D. Some of these vitamin D rich vegetables are broccoli and coffee. Vegetables in broccoli contain a lot of vitamin D and coffee, which is also known as spinach and vegetables, is quite beneficial as vitamin D. These vitamin D rich vegetables should be eaten in large quantities to make up for the deficiency of vitamin D in our body.

Other foods

As with other foods, many sources of vitamin D are found in foods. Such as nuts, vegetables, etc. contain vitamin D. There are also some sugary foods as a dietary source of vitamin D. Which contains a lot of vitamin D. A lot of information can be found by doing a little research on YouTube to know more about this.

Basically, some of the above foods are rich in vitamin D. It is possible to make up for the deficiency of vitamin D by eating these foods according to the rules. There are many more foods that are rich in vitamin D, which are rich in vitamin D.

Is vitamin D rich food harmful for us?

The answer is no. However, excess vitamin D creates a bed impact on the body. Kidney stones are more likely to occur if you take extra vitamin D tablets. In that case extra vitamin D cannot be taken to keep the kidneys healthy .

Is there any other source of vitamin D?

Yes, of course there is. There are many sources of vitamin D. Only vitamin D-rich foods are discussed here.


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