What happens if you use expired lipstick?

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If you love to decorate, it is very natural to have a lot of lipstick in your collection. Girls like to collect lipsticks of different colors and types. Many people use lipstick to match the color with the clothes. If there are many lipsticks, then not all of them are used every day. And if you stay at home for a long time, the lipstick may expire at some point.

What happens if you use expired lipstick

Even though the lipstick has expired, many people do not notice it. Then use that expired lipstick. If you do, the danger is very close. Because this colorful lipstick can make you sick if it is expired.

The use of lipstick was greatly reduced due to being at home most of the time during the epidemic. Girls must be happy to use their favorite shade of lipstick as soon as they return to normal life! Like other makeup products, lipstick has a shelf life. If your lipstick has already expired, refrain from using it.

How to identify old lipstick

If you plan to use the lipsticks in your collection year after year, you need to stop. A good brand of lipstick lasts about 12-18 months. The easiest way to find out if your lipstick is suitable for use is-

* You can check the expiration date.

* Notice the smell. It can smell weird if it’s too old.




* Check whether it moisturizes the lips and sticks to the lips easily.

What happens if you use old lipstick without noticing:

Itching around the mouth

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Expired lipsticks can contain harmful bacteria, which can cause itching in and around the mouth. Lipstick contains lanolin. It can easily cause allergies like dryness, itching and pain.

Kidney failure, anemia and brain damage

Expired lipstick has strong absorption of lanonin present. It can absorb dust, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals from the air, which can be absorbed by the lips. When you eat and drink with lipstick, they can enter the body and make you sick. Lipstick also contains a lot of lead and cadmium. Using expired lipstick can lead to lead poisoning and renal failure, anemia, brain damage and brain neuropathy.

Breast tumors

Expired lipsticks may contain harmful substances, including preservatives and BHA. Using expired lipstick can cause breast tumors. Consult a dermatologist if you experience any problems after using expired lipstick.


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