What does love mean?

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Many people say that there is no definition of love. It is very difficult to define such a big issue. It is difficult to say exactly what love means. Because for some love means madness, for some love means test of patience, for some love means generosity, for some love means faith. In the midst of so many things, the question really arises, what is the meaning of love?

What does love mean - what does love mean

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Basically love is something that is not limited to a lover or a lover. It exists from the lowest to the highest level. Love is a feeling that is felt very deep in the heart, it is impossible to define it in the definition of a book.

Love means to miss someone very much. Love means waiting anxiously for someone. Love can be towards man or any other animal. Love can be towards an inanimate object or a place. Love can be towards nature. Love can be towards the Creator Himself.

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Love does not change. Rather the color of love changes over time. Love to a child may be a chocolate, love to a school student may be to help with studies or assignment, love to someone in college age may mean walking in the park, spending some time together.

In the beginning of married life, love may be given some time, but with time, love is not a form to help in all matters. Love is like making a child like a human being together. Again, love in the last age can be a retirement partner. That is, love never changes. Rather, the expression of love changes over time.

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Love means giving time to the hustle and bustle of everything, again that love means taking the responsibilities on one’s shoulders. The person who does not know what love means also learns to take responsibility for love at some stage.

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Life without love is like a piece of rusty iron that is like a mirage. One cannot think of a society without love. Where there is no love, there is no will power. That unseen illusion of love can accomplish the impossible. Just as a person can give his happiness for the sake of love, so can a person of love give his all for a piece of laughter.

Love does not mean logic, class, or rules. The latent mind can suddenly create love for someone. In this case, he is reluctant to accept rich-poor or other inequalities. His only desire after overcoming hundreds of obstacles is to find the man of love as his own.

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Love grows with time, but love can grow in a matter of moments. That is, the time to feel or create the right love is not considered. Because in a very short time and true love can happen. But over time, the foundation of love grows stronger and stronger. What does love mean? Love is a solid pillar that never leans over time.

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True love never has personal interests. On the contrary, the happiness of the people of love is always given priority. In the same way, in love, profit and loss cannot be calculated. The sanctity of love is beyond him. What does love mean? Love means forgetting personal interests and uniting two desires.

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Two fields of love. One is holy and the other is unholy. Unholy love is never desirable. Such an attraction to drugs can never be love. Again, adultery can never be pure love. Moreover, if love has only a physical desire, or a purpose to achieve a certain thing, then it cannot be love. What does love mean? Love is the purest feeling in the heart.

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Love is not just about receiving. Many times there is no form of love in abandonment. In order to be happy with the beloved person, that person often falls silent. For the people of love who are ready to give up their existence at any time. Many times happiness may not be buried.

Rather, in many cases, love ends with separation. Because to protect the honor of the man of love, to be happy is the first thing. What does love mean? Love means thinking of the happiness of the person you love before yourself.

Love must have respect, responsibility, trust, importance. There is a lot of time to adapt to love.

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Love means to be bound by a maya, from which maya can never be separated. Maybe arrogance can be forgotten temporarily but the love of the mind never diminishes a bit. Love is a human feeling and an emotional experience.

Many people say that love means love. But it may be good for someone, but love can no longer be born for everyone. Of course it can be said that love is a part of love. In this love there is peace of mind, there is relationship of soul.

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There is no love without respect. Again, love without faith is worthless. Love requires understanding, needs care. The expression of love of each person is different. At the end of the day, everyone wants the person they love to be happy.

There is an unknown Maya in love, this unknown Maya always exists. As a result, once the seed of love is sown for someone, it is really impossible to put it on top. An invisible force compels that love to cherish the heart.

In the end – love means understanding of mind with mind. He who truly loves has faith in his love even in the face of adversity. Again, if he is in true love, then he keeps the dignity of that trust with all his possessions.

Love is an invisible force that binds the two together. That which satisfies the mind, trust is the path. True love never fails. Nor can it be changed.

It is very important to keep love in check. A lot of problems can be solved by saying a small “sorry” without thinking about who is to blame or not. The desire to win is not in love, but to win with the people you love. There is no more complaint in love if the small anger resolves it before the pride grows big. What does love mean? Love means confessing to a crime.

Love laughs, love cries. Yet love is not born, it exists everywhere. Life is so beautiful because there is love.


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