What causes some people to dislike you

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There is no way to understand a good opinion unless you actually express who you like and who you don’t like. Sometimes it doesn’t matter who likes you and who doesn’t like you. Because you are satisfied with yourself.

What causes some people to dislike you

But what if you moved to your office boss’s dislike list? Or do you just go from bad to worse, trying to figure out what’s going on? You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. You want to engrave your name in the jewel of their heart. Yes, that’s what everyone wants. However, you may unknowingly go to the dislike list of your loved one or any important person.

So let’s combine the following features with the features of your nature. If you see any similarities, change them immediately. Otherwise you are going to lose someone valuable from your life. So let’s get started without delay.

Can’t you control your emotions?

If you are a very emotional person and you express your emotions to any person in your words. However, you can go to the list of dislikes of your favorite personalities or important people. Expressing emotions is not a bad thing.

But it is also not good to express extra emotions. If you talk to someone all day about your emotions, they will be upset. And that’s why one day he will start to dislike you. It is often seen that you do not let anyone understand your emotions at all. In that case, the person opposite you may think that you are a type of woodcutter. It also hurts the two of you.

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Do you have the ability to interrupt others?

People who love to talk want to be a good listener or a good listener. If someone is going to talk to you, you should listen to them carefully. Because if you don’t get a good listener, the one who is talking will feel annoyed to speak. If you stop him from talking, or start talking to yourself, you are 100 percent sure that the person has started disliking you.

Do you ask extra questions verbally?

You are paying close attention to what someone is saying. However, many questions are circulating about your curiosity. Now you are going to stop him and ask you questions. It’s good to ask questions, but the person has to stop repeatedly to ask additional questions. As a result, he has slipped out of his words. You can often forget exactly where and what he was talking about. Moreover the speaker may feel annoyed for asking extra questions.




So don’t ask extra questions. Listen carefully to his words first. Then if the questions are submitted, make a note of them in one place. When he has finished speaking, ask him questions slowly. In this way a discipline is maintained here. Once again you have a good relationship with that person.

Did you forget to return the loan?

Of all the bad habits people have, the biggest one is borrowing something from someone and never giving it back. Be it money, books or anything else. If you take something from someone but it is a deposit to you. You must return it to the owner as soon as it is finished.

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Plus someone gave you a thing to finish your job. But you are not giving him back. Meanwhile, he is ashamed to ask you. His own thing is fine, but still wanting it is becoming quite embarrassing to him. As a result, he can’t even ask. At some point you will not like it anymore. You will never get a loan from him again.

So try to repay the loan as soon as possible and do not do it again in the future.

Don’t you want to pay the restaurant bill?

All the friends in a circle of friends dislike any one friend who does not want to pay the bill after eating at the restaurant. You all play together, eat together, you have no money when the bill comes up.

If you don’t really have money, if you are not financially well off, then you should not go to restaurants with them. But you go with them, eat with them, but when you pay the bill, you will say shamelessly, friend, I don’t have money.

But you tell me, does the thing look good? What will your friends think of you then? You will become smaller to them. If your reluctance to pay the bill works, you should not make a hangout proposal with an excuse.

What’s up? If you have the above features, get rid of them quickly.


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