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Ways to get rid of sore throat in winter

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Winter is almost here. But the heat has not yet fully subsided. As we adapt to the changing climate, our bodies often become restless. Only then can the body become ill. And as a result, the sore throat starts first.

Ways to get rid of sore throat in winter

Everyone has a sore throat in winter. In addition, those who have tonsillitis, they have a sore throat with a little cold-heat. Learn some home remedies to get rid of sore throat before it becomes a major problem.

If you have trouble swallowing or have a sore throat, gargle with salt in hot water first. Gargle is very useful as a first aid for sore throat. If there is a problem, if you can gargle five times a day, then the pain or infection will be reduced a lot.

Ginger also works very well in this condition. The anti-bacterial ingredient in ginger prevents infections very quickly. Heat water with a few pieces of ginger. Now gargle with that water. It will have many benefits.

You can also boil ginger in water and eat it with honey. You will also get many benefits.

According to doctors, lemon is very useful in removing toxins from our body. So if you have a sore throat, mix lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey in a glass of hot water. Eat it at least twice a day. Lemon honey water helps in relieving sore throat and tonsillitis.




Turmeric contains anti-septic ingredients. Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties. These ingredients are good for sore throat. There are also many more qualities in turmeric. As a result, drinking milk mixed with turmeric is also very beneficial. It is very good to eat a piece of turmeric on an empty stomach every morning.

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Mix one teaspoon of honey with a few drops of cinnamon oil. Use it at least once a day to get rid of sore throat quickly. This method will work in any pain.

Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Honey has been used to treat sore throats since ancient times. Mix one to two teaspoons of honey in one cup of hot water and drink it two to three times. Moreover, you can eat a teaspoon of honey before going to sleep.

Steaming hot water is very useful for sore throat or shortness of breath. First wrap the ear-head well with a cloth then steam the water with a little salt in hot water. Doing this twice a day will easily reduce the sore throat.

Garlic is very effective in preventing diseases and helps in reducing sore throat and infections. Allicin in garlic helps kill bacteria that cause sore throats. It can be eaten raw or cooked.

Occasionally put two cloves in your mouth and chew and swallow them after they become soft. Clove is able to reduce sore throat very quickly.


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