Ways to get rid of breakup trouble

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The name of the emotional relationship is love. Those who get the full joy of love become fascinated with it. You want to protect the mind of your loved ones by giving up any of your needs. But all happiness, all joy, all love does not last. Neither boyfriend nor girlfriend is very weak at the beginning of the relationship. I don’t think I will survive if I don’t find him. Because at the beginning of the relationship, we do not have any information, memory, commitment in our head about the lover-lover.

Ways to get rid of breakup trouble

But as the days go by, the lovers start thinking about each other. The longer, more often, we are preoccupied with the lover, the more these thoughts are stored in our subconscious mind and at some point we become accustomed to think of the lover. In our default thinking, then the word of lover-lover comes to Auto. What is the man of choice doing now, I kept thinking about whether he had any problems or whether it was a romantic scene or sex. Since there are some emotional issues involved with this love, these thoughts tend to pull us like a magnet. On an average, we spend 4/6 hours every day thinking about our boyfriend or girlfriend.

Scientists have researched and seen that because of these thoughts, one becomes enamored and fascinated. The more thoughts you have, the more emotionally and emotionally vulnerable you are to your partner. For a moment she can’t think without her partner but not all lovers are equally serious about the relationship. Some of them may be doing time pass, traveling, having fun and keeping their work in order. They don’t have much time to think about others day and night. Their motto is – Why so serious man?

So sometimes for logical reasons, sometimes for irrational reasons – boyfriend or girlfriend can break up, want to break up. Break-ups can occur for a number of other reasons, including extramarital affairs, maladaptation, disagreements, and a lack of trust. Whatever the cause of the break-up, sometimes the boyfriend or girlfriend, sometimes someone is in trouble or can break up. So today I am going to share with you how to get rid of this trouble of break up, if it is a break up, if the relationship is ruined due to love or hate.

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Accept from the heart that there is a break up

When we break up, we don’t want to admit for the first few days that we have broken up. Even after the break-up, we can’t explain our own mind, but if we try to understand, the mind becomes more restless and doesn’t want to listen. Who doesn’t want to accept this new truth as truth? How to obey? So many memories, so many promises – how is it possible to forget everything? By no means.

Yes, understanding the mind is a very difficult task. He cannot be forced, he must be understood in his process, very slowly, with time. The mind has a language of its own, in that language I have to say to it – mind to mind, I am your friend, you understand me a little, what is going to happen, but it has gotten better, let alone you can do something very good in life The girl will keep walking behind you. If you mean to come in this way, the mind will come to understand. But the mind has to give time to listen to Tukun. If we can accept from the mind, then we enter the process of forgetting the boyfriend or girlfriend, the mind becomes calm, the inertia of the mind decreases with time. So accept from the heart that you have broken up. This relationship is over, new dreams, new possibilities are calling with handshakes.

Turn off all means of communication

We need to take some small steps to get rid of the pain of break up. One of the most difficult parts of this step is to cut off all communication with the girl. Block the girl from everything she was connected to through her mobile phone, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snap chat, Skype, Emo, etc. Very good if you can change your SIM. Then there will be no chance of communication between you and him again. And yes, remember, once the crack is caught, we will add as many pairs as we want to the crack. The boy and girl who left us today can leave us again. So be determined to close the communication, stick to the decision.

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Delete all memories




All the messages sent by the beloved person are carefully sent pictures, small gifts given to each of them, three-piece, four-piece or used mobile phone if the capacity is good. Every place to go home with the man, everything is still clear in our minds but that man is not as clear as before, will gradually disappear from our brain.

So what are we going to do with all these memories of this dear man where there is no existence? In order to get rid of the excruciating pain of break up, we need to get rid of all kinds of memories of boyfriend / girlfriend as soon as possible. The sooner we delete, discard or destroy these memories, the sooner we will be able to forget them.


We need to take drastic steps to get rid of the most emotional pain in life. Even after trying to forget your boyfriend or girlfriend, there are some traps that you can never forget if you don’t close the traps. So, while the relationship is going on, cut off the communication with all those who are known as partners or friends, relatives or associates.

These acquaintances can ruin your night’s sleep by almost asking about your boyfriend or girlfriend. So get rid of these weeds. Then gradually the situation will continue to come towards us. I will be able to handle myself free from the pain of break up.

Stay away from mobile electronic devices, laptops

Once a relationship breaks down, once faith is broken, there is no point in having a relationship or having a relationship. Again, if the boyfriend or girlfriend is constantly blackmailing – pressuring for something or break up for one or more other reasons. If someone wants to leave us, why should we stay behind? Will I ruin my self esteem?

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So until the end of this relationship, to get rid of all kinds of harmful emotions, you need to cut off all communication with that particular person for a long time and keep yourself busy with other useful things. Only then is it possible to forget all those bad memories and take care of yourself. And that is why all kinds of electronic devices – mobile phones, laptops, etc. will be avoided. Then it will be possible for you to get rid of the pain of break up.

Turn off all thoughts

One of the most important things you can do to help ease the way is to break free from the pain of breaking up. Stop any thoughts, good or bad. Then gradually it will be possible to forget all the pain of break up. So if you want to forget someone permanently, talk about them, stop thinking. If you can get the thoughts off the brain, then in reality it is only a matter of time.

If you can follow these 6 tips well, then you can start a new life by forgetting not only your lover but also your lover. If you are really in such a ridiculous situation, then my prayer is that you can be free from this pain, from this wrath. May the Most Merciful help you.


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