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Washing rules and some useful tips

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We all have to wash more or less clothes and there is no question about those who have the habit of washing their own clothes. There are also some rules for washing these clothes. It is often seen that the yarn or color of the cloth gets damaged while cleaning the cloth, and sometimes the cloth gets torn due to carelessness. With a little care, the clothes can be easily kept well for a long time. Let’s not know all the details of today’s washing clothes from today’s feature.

Washing rules and some useful tips

1. Do not wet other clothes together with extra dirty clothes. There is a possibility of stains on other clothes.

2. Do not use detergent directly on clothes. First give clothes then water and finally detergent. If you use bleach, apply it first with water, then with a cloth and finally with bleaching detergent.

3. White cloth is different from other fabrics. In this way, the color of other clothes will not be likely to be on white cloth.

4. It is better to wash denim fabrics like jeans pants, shirts separately.

5. Do not wash woolen clothes in hot water. Do not soak in detergent powder for too long as it may spoil the wool.

6. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with half a cup of vinegar to increase the brightness of white cloth. Wash clothes with this mixture.

7. If the cloth is hung on the rope for a long time, the shape of the cloth is ruined.




8. Turn heavy clothes such as jeans, shirts, pants, etc. upside down and then wash. This will clean the internal dirt well.

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9. Check the tags before washing any clothes. This is especially true for sensitive fabrics. The rules for washing clothes are mentioned in the tag.

10. Clean the filter of the washing machine at least once a year and soak it in detergent powder and clean and dry the filter with a good brush.

11. The first time you wash any clothes, you must check them separately. Because there is a risk of color coming from new clothes. In this case you can wash it with an old cloth and see if other cloth is damaged.

12. Use warm water to wash white cotton clothes. Dip one foot into warm running water, pausing between layers to allow them to dry.

13. Don’t wear colorful clothes in the hot sun. Allow to air dry in a shady place.

14. When washing clothes for the first time, you must check separately whether the color comes from the clothes.

15. Do not soak clothes in detergent powder for a long time. This can cause the yarn to become soft and damaged.


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