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Everyone wants to express their love in a unique and wonderful way. But wondering how to say or what to say can easily win his mind? Nothing happens in thought, save courage in mind, do not lose confidence. And you have to express love one day or another, what a loss if that day is now! Here are 10 world famous love quotes to make your work easier. Learn from them, be inspired. Then make up your mind the right expression of your love –

1. The love that I have for you is not only because of what kind of person you are, but also because of the attraction I have for you.
– Elizabeth Barrett Browning (19th century British poet)

2. You, only if you are close I understand I am alive. Other men claim that they have met the angel. I’ve only seen you, and that’s enough for me. – George Moore (Irish novelist)

3. I found out what love is for you. – Hermann Hess (German poet, novelist)

4. I beg you with all my heart, let me know your heart and all the love between us. – Emperor Henry VIII (17th century Emperor of England)




5. Love, come, fall asleep O, come to me, I know, I have floated in the tide of your love. – Robert Browning (19th century British poet)

. Come on, let’s make love immortal. – Herbert Trench (Irish poet)

. In my deepest heart, where I am absolutely alone, your fountain never dries up. – Pearl S. Buck (American novelist)

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. I love you, I will love you till death, and if there is anything called life after death, I will love you in that life too.
– Cassandra Claire (American novelist)

9. The most important word is the most difficult to say, because the meaning of the word becomes shorter when the word is bound. – Stephen King (American novelist)

10. My debt to you is never to be repaid, no matter how much I spend and no matter how much I waste my days… – Jesse Bell Retainhouse (American Poet)


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