To retain skin moisture and radiance in winter

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Winter has come. The message of the arrival of winter is going through the sudden cold wind in the autumn day. Winter is everyone’s favorite, but it is not at all pleasant for the skin. Due to the weather, some skin problems are created at this time.

To retain skin moisture and radiance in winter

In winter days, almost everyone’s skin becomes dry and cracked. As the winter progresses, the skin problems start to get worse. There is nothing left to do after the skin problem is created. Regular skin care from the beginning of winter will keep you fresh and fresh.

Our skin is usually of three types- oily, dry and mixed. Owners of oily skin can get rid of excess oil in winter, but dry skin can be seen after washing the face. And for those whose skin is already a little dry, winter is like a nightmare.

As many skin problems in winter

– Skin looks dry and dirty.

– Skin tightness after bathing or washing face.

– There may be itching.

– Skin lines become clearer and wrinkles can fall off.

– May have redness.

– The skin may turn white.That is, the number of dead cells increases.

Regular care can be taken to solve these problems. Through which you can make the skin smooth and healthy. However, the first condition is – cleanliness. Then the skin will be beautiful and fresh. Road dust increases with the dry weather of winter. Outside dust and hostile weather makes rough skin dry. As a result, there is no life on the skin. Then the skin looks lifeless. Regular care is needed to get rid of such a condition.

In winter, take a bath according to the rules to soften the skin. Avoid using extra hot water in the bath at this time. Use lukewarm water in the bath. Drink plenty of water as well. Because, the main secret of skin freshness is to take water and vitamin-E-rich food.

After waking up

After waking up in the morning, you should understand your skin type and wash your face with face wash or mild moisturizing soap. In addition, you can scrub every one day. There is no substitute for cleansing the skin and brightening the skin by removing dead cells. Occasionally wash your face with carrot juice after a while. In this way the skin will be washed properly and black spots will be reduced.

During and after bathing

Use moisturizing soap in the winter bath. This will reduce the feeling of roughness on the skin. Mustard oil, olive oil, coconut oil or many other oils can be used for body care in winter. However, before using it, you need to see if it is suitable for your skin. If suitable, you can massage the whole body by heating the oil lightly. Doing this after bathing will be more beneficial. In winter, many people have a tendency to take a bath with hot water.

Even if you take a bath, you cannot wash your head and face with hot water. Excessive hot water damages skin cells, experts say. This results in loss of skin moisture. Taking a few drops of jojoba or almond oil in the water during bath helps in moisturizing and smoothing the skin. Use moisturizer on wet skin after bath and after each face wash. This will maintain the moisture of the skin.

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Before going out

Don’t forget to use sunscreen even if you are comfortable in sunny weather. Use SPF 15-30-complete sunscreen lotion 30 minutes before going out. Use sunscreen with more moisturizer, mix water if necessary.

Before going to bed at night

Regular use of moisturizing lotion before going to bed at night will remove the feeling of rough skin. You can use olive oil before going to bed at night to retain moisture and radiance in the skin. In addition, those who are younger before going to bed at night, they can use petroleum jelly. It is better to use night cream after the age of 30.

In addition to skin care, hands, feet, neck, neck and other body parts should also be taken care of. You can use a scarf on your head this season to protect your hair from dust. Heat coconut oil and olive oil together at least three days a week, massage your hair and shampoo your hair. In addition, for extra hair care, use homemade packs with sour yogurt, banana, papaya, and the hair stays good.

In addition, due to excessive dryness and roughness in the winter season, many people start bleeding from the skin. Many people at this time suffer from various skin diseases including ringworm, itching and scabies. If such a problem occurs, the advice of a specialist doctor should be taken immediately.


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