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Things to keep in mind before using sanitary napkins

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There is nothing to be ashamed of with sanitary napkins, it is a very common product. But the women of our country want to keep the matter hidden. Many women get various infections just because they have no idea about these sanitary napkins.

Things to keep in mind before using sanitary napkins_

He thinks it is a very good product and uses napkins at a high price, which puts him at health risk. Do you use pads that have a high absorption capacity and prevent leakage for a long time? Be aware, these napkins can be the cause of your cancer! Awareness is important, not shame. Let’s find out the details.

Responsible for:

According to research by the US Environmental Protection Agency, sanitary napkins are a major cause of cervical cancer. This is because sanitary napkins are made with a chemical called dioxin. And this ingredient is responsible for cancer. Moreover, this element is also behind various types of uterine infections.

According to a 1998 study by the company, each sanitary napkin contains 400 ppt of dioxin. This dioxin is also responsible for fertility and various diseases of the uterus.

The plastic under the pads prevents blood from flowing out and obstructs air circulation. As a result, bacteria are easily born in damp conditions. This can lead to infection.




Napkins, which provide protection for a long time, turn the blood into gel. But after 5 hours the fungus started growing there. And when it comes in contact with the skin, various types of uterine infections, itching can occur.

Various chemical washes are required at different times of the preparation process. As a result, some chemicals remain. Which can damage the skin when it comes in contact with the skin.

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Ways to avoid problems:

1) How long is it better to change the sanitary napkin? Not many people know this information. There are many people who use a sanitary napkin for a long time thinking that there is less bleeding. Never use a sanitary napkin for a long time, whether the bleeding is low or high. Change every 3 to 4 hours. If bleeding is excessive, replace the pad as soon as it is damaged. You will be infected with various diseases of the genitals and fungal infections by infecting various germs in the clotted blood.

2) Clean yourself thoroughly every time you change the sanitary napkin. Thoroughly clean yourself with antiseptic soap or body wash with warm water. Then use a sanitary napkin to wash and wipe the area with a disinfectant liquid.

3) Every time you change the sanitary napkin, change the pants you wear. It’s urgent. Otherwise, there is no point in cleaning with so much effort.

4) Try not to use pads with high absorbency. These types of pads use synthetic ingredients and use harmful chemicals like dioxin, rayon to increase absorption capacity. The higher the absorption capacity, the higher the amount of these elements. And all of these factors are responsible for a variety of serious health problems, from ovarian cancer to childbirth.


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