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Things to do to reduce your child’s risk of diabetes

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If someone in the family has diabetes, the chances of others having it increase several times. This applies even to children. If there is a problem of obesity from a young age, then diabetes can be seen later. That is why it is important to prevent from the beginning.

Things to do to reduce your child's risk of diabetes

Baby’s well-being : There are some things that parents need to be aware of from an early age.

Staying active : Most of the children nowadays spend their days on mobiles or tabs. During the Corona period, the situation became more extreme. They are spending time with mobiles, tabs at the time they are supposed to play. Therefore, if the child does not have a playmate, the parents should play with him and spend time with him. Any game through which the body moves. It is important for a child to run for at least 60 minutes every day.

Weight control : If the baby is overweight, it must be taken seriously. First explain to your child why it is important to lose weight, then make a food chart accordingly.




Reducing sweet foods : Kids love to eat sweets all the time. But it is important to make sure that your child does not eat too much sweets. Don’t tell your child to eat candy, juice or other processed food verbally.

Healthy Breakfast : Try to give fruit food instead of unhealthy food for breakfast. In this way the body will be better and the stomach will be full.

Limit screentime: If you look at the screen of TV, laptop, mobile or tab for too long, it can cause problems. For this, set a specific time for the child’s screen time.

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Eating dinner on time: Try to give the child on time, not just dinner. And turn off the TV while eating. Because research shows that eating while watching TV can lead to overeating.


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