The way to recognize false love

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It is very difficult to bear the pain of false love. It also feels different. I am going to start this article with eight ways to recognize false love, a way to know true love or a way to test love for those who want to know or need to know.

The way to recognize false love

The word love has a deep connection with the words birth-death, money-wealth, happiness-peace. Listening to true love stories, I have forgotten what true love is. True love can fill a void or broken heart, while false love can break a broken heart. So from the beginning to the end of love to be aware of the time to be in the relationship.

You have to think about how the relationship is going, how it is going, you have to know the way to recognize false love. In the form of points below, I have highlighted the ways for boys to know true love or false love.

1. Objection to get acquainted with friends

Should we hide or introduce the person we respect and love from the heart? People of love are different, unique to everyone. Thousands of thoughts come to the mind of the lover. She wants to let the world know that she is happy with the man she loves. We know what love is like but this known thing can go unnoticed if everything is false, the way to understand love is wrong.

If a boyfriend or girlfriend wants to keep their partner hidden from others without any logical reason, wants to protect privacy, does not want to introduce then this love can be taken as false love. False love is one of the ways to recognize love or to test love. It protects extra privacy. In fact, true love does not mean so much grammar. True love does not want to be hidden, it always wants to be revealed. Sometimes emotionally, sometimes consciously. So if the partner feels hesitant to introduce himself in a familiar circle, then it must be understood that it is false love.

2. The main love is money

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There is nothing that does not happen at the present time. Just as there is no lack of true love, there is no lack of ways to recognize false love. But if love is limited to eating blisters, going to restaurants, spending money or celebrating birthdays, then it will be called false love.

Today’s teenage girls are more in love than they are in a relationship to pass the time. Relationships don’t take time to build, they don’t take time to break up. Because love in this case is only for financial need. So if your boyfriend or girlfriend needs too much and he doesn’t feel your financial stress, he doesn’t feel the lack, then understand that this is not true love. Mere deception is just deception.

3. Shopping Girl

One of the ways to recognize false love is to identify the shopping girl. Satisfying one’s personal needs in the name of love can never be a good thing. I’ve heard a lot about it – girlfriends are constantly pushing for shopping. If you can’t do the shopping, you are also called unsmart. So keep an eye on whether your girlfriend is just using you for shopping, whether the girlfriend is a shopping girl.

4. To make you small to others

The guru of my life, whom I respect from the bottom of my heart, whose guidance I try to follow – Shaheed Al-Bukhari Mahajatak [everyone addresses him as Guruji with respect] said in a discussion – Husband and wife are each other’s clothes. Husband’s honor means wife’s honor, wife’s honor means husband’s honor.

In the same way, when two people start a relationship with the firm conviction of being together, it is logical that there will be mutual respect between them. But if for some reason your boyfriend / girlfriend doesn’t give you the respect you deserve and then belittles you to others at different times then you have to understand that this is not true love. This is false love. If something happens to you constantly as a way to recognize false love, be alert now.

5. Neglected

It becomes unbearable to leave the person you love in true love for a moment. If for some reason this rhythm is interrupted, if the field is lost, if the mind rises, if the emotion does not work, then only the beloved can become necessary, can start doing negligence. Those who have acknowledged this negligence will be able to better appreciate the pain of neglect. We have to behave elegantly / beautifully with our partner in a conscious way all the time so that we do not get hurt in any way. If the partner neglects for any other reason, he will answer to Allah.

Whoever is guilty, if Avela starts doing it then it becomes very clear that it is not true love. So whenever you see that you are admitting neglect of mutual relationship, you will assume that it is false love because it is also a way to recognize false love.

6. Reluctance to spend time

I read in a research report that at the beginning of love or after falling in love, boyfriends and girlfriends spend an average of 4-6 hours together or thinking about each other. Where there is so much serotonin, so much attention, everything on one side and boyfriend / girlfriend on the other – will there be reluctance to spend time? Impossible.

There must be something wrong. You need to understand or be told that the person you love does not really love you. The way you deal with yourself, that person doesn’t do it at all. You are trapped in his false love.

7. Involvement in foreign affairs

It is in the circle of faith that relationships are formed. One another’s faith !!! If under any circumstances this belief gets cracked then it becomes very difficult to believe again.

If a lover or a husband or a wife gets involved in an extramarital affair while in a relationship, then it can be said with closed eyes that there was only false love for you for so many days. Because the love of a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or a wife who can be involved in another relationship while they are in a relationship can never be true love. It was just deception. It would be a huge mistake to believe him for the second time.

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8. Annoyance in physical illness

Happiness, sorrow, joy, pain, family, I am yours, you are mine. Some realities can be understood in reality. If you notice, those who want the best for you will never be able to stay in your danger. They will become restless in any of your physical ailments. But those who do not love you will not be able to take your illness again and again or after a few days as normal and will become bored. So remember that there is no place for you in the mind of being bothered by your illness. What the sympathizers see is just acting.

9. Fear of leaving

Relationships are not a one-day affair. At least it’s a matter of living life together. So much sacrifice so much to get close to the man of the mind, to stay. And there is no question of leaving emotionally like love.

People are never afraid to leave even if they have the slightest desire to be with a partner. If there are any such threats about you then maybe he will leave one day. Even if there is a point of love in someone’s mind, he will not be afraid to leave forever. So in this case also you can assume that it is false love.

Why did you read this article on how to find love or how to recognize false love? Is there something going on about your present that makes you doubtful? Whatever the situation, good or bad, forget everything and bring love home from your side. Be sincere to him. Listen to the words of his mind. At the same time keep in mind the ways to recognize false love. Be careful not to use it as a money bag, ATM card.


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