The way to hold faith

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The biggest secret to a healthy and lasting relationship is trust. It is an invisible but powerful glue that holds two people together. Trusting each other completely at the beginning of any relationship is undoubtedly a difficult task, sometimes even foolish. But when two people start living under the same roof, it is not so difficult anymore.

The way to hold faith

Relationships that have a strong foundation of trust are lasting. Because from faith comes love, respect, the desire to keep each other safe. Things you can do to build and maintain trust

Find out the reason

Try to understand why the two are together. Try to find out the positive aspects. Also check if the reasons are correct. Build a trust structure around the relationship. So that no one can break it easily.


If you love someone, they must respect you. The more respect is created between the two, the more love there will be. Find out what makes your partner feel disrespectful and refrain from using it as a weapon in your relationship.

Don’t think of life as a movie

Don’t expect the kind of romance that is shown in movies. Have realistic expectations about your relationship and romance. You must know that true romance is the result of respect, trust and freedom of expression. Don’t let your expectations overwhelm your partner. In order to be good, the range of demand needs to be narrowed down a bit more.




Do not talk to the family

There will be minor quarrels about. But don’t drag each other’s families to hurt each other. This is the most significant sign of disrespect. If you want to have a healthy relationship, never choose that path. Because even if the quarrel is settled later, the words of insult to the family will never leave the head of the partner.

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Express feelings

Express what you are feeling. If you are too scared to talk, it will make the future difficult for you. Learn to speak with an open mind for the benefit of the relationship. Don’t go for less that your full potential. This may upset your partner when he realizes your cunning. At the same time, the place of faith can be shaky.

Give space to the partner

Being a partner does not mean that you have to spend time with each other. So learn to give each other space. Learn to enjoy your favorite places. Think of it this way with your partner. This will increase mutual respect and trust.

Accept the change

Change is inevitable. Everything changes over time. The beginning of a relationship may be the same as the end. But if it changes radically, it is different. Adapt to small changes. Notice, but you are not the same. Adapting to each other’s changes will build trust.


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