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On our daily walk we come across many symbols or signs. The cause and meaning of most symbols are unknown to us. These symbols, which have been around for ages, carry relics of the past on the one hand, and their use in the present has an impact on our lives on the other. Today’s event is surrounded by some symbols or signs. Let’s turn to the unknown symbolic chapter.

Stick of Aslipius


Legend has it that Aspilus, the son of the god Apollo and Princess Coronis, was the god of Greek medicine. He had the power to heal people and even bring the dead back to life. And the ancient Greeks considered the snake to be sacred, so the stick of Aslipius, the symbol of the snake stuck around the snake, is still used in medical institutions.

Multis cross


The Maltese cross symbol is associated with the Maltese Knights of the Maltese Islands. The Malta Knights existed from 1530 to 1897. The eight points of the Maltese Cross indicate the eight promises of the Malta Knights. The eight promises are – to establish justice, to live with the truth, to keep faith intact, to greet with humility, to be merciful, to be happy and sincere, to repent of one’s sins, and to endure persecution.

Registered trademark


The logo we are most used to seeing is R written in a circle in the top corner next to a name. This means that the name or logo is a trademark approved and registered by the relevant authority.

With hammer and sickle


Among the symbols of the Soviet Union, hammer and sickle are the most common. Today the hammer and sickle have emerged as a reminder of the representation of the working-peasant class around the world. According to European religious doctrine, however, the hammer represents the attacking male and the sickle the death.

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Entrance sign


The emblem was designed by Susanne Keiffoid in 1986 using a portrait of a man in a wheelchair. Which is internationally recognized for pointing to improved access for wheelchair users. Currently, this symbol is also used to indicate other physical disabilities.

Symbol of power


Initially, the word on / off was written on one end of the switch and off on the other end, but later the words on and off of the switch started to express 1 and 0. And the symbol of 1 and 0 being imposed on each other to express on or off with just one power button is widely known.

Pink ribbon


It has been used internationally as a symbol of breast cancer since 1989. These pink ribbons symbolize women’s health, vitality and women’s empowerment.

Bluetooth symbol


Herald Blatand, the ruler of ancient Denmark, was known as ‘The Blue Tooth’ for his special love for blueberry fruit. The current Bluetooth symbol is a combination of two Scandinavian alphabet letters, the initials of the letter B, King Herald Blatand, and is the most widely used Bluetooth symbol today.

Exit sign


The exit sign is an internationally recognized symbol. This sign usually indicates an emergency exit. Moreover, in 1975, it was being used internationally to indicate the ‘passage’ of green light in traffic lights.

Skull and cross skeleton


This symbol, made up of two skeletons placed like a cross under a human skull, was used in the Middle Ages to express death. It was later used as a pirate flag, and is now used as a warning sign to indicate poisonous or dangerous.

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Check or tick mark


The use of checks or markings can be seen to indicate that something has been properly verified or confirmed. The use of symbols is believed to have started from the time of the ancient Roman Empire. Again many think veritas which means ‘correct’ and the abbreviated form of this word ‘V’ is quickly written and the present correct or check mark appears.




Heart sign


The heart symbol is now being used as an eternal symbol of love, affection and relationship.



Although the crescent sign is widely used to indicate something Islamic, there is no single religion associated with this sign. Its use can also be seen in the symbols of other religions. The crescent is said to be one of the oldest symbols in human history.



The V-symbol, represented by the index and middle fingers of the hand, is a widely used symbol of peace, victory and success.

Swastika sign


The swastika symbol of the Western world is synonymous with fascism and is known as the symbol of Nazi Germany. But Hindus, Buddhists and Jains have been using the swastika symbol as a symbol of welfare for thousands of years.

Symbol of recycling


The recycled symbol was born on the first Earth Day in April 1970. This symbol is used to indicate whether the industries and products related to the environment are recyclable.

Symbol of laughter


The first smiley face or smiley was created in 1970. A smiling face in a perfect circle, two eyes and a yellow background inspired by the sun give this symbol uniqueness.

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The symbol of man


This sign is also known as the symbol of Mars. Mars reveals the existence of shields and spears of war for the Roman gods.

Symbol of peace


The symbol of peace was designed by peacekeeper Gerald Herbert Haltom on February 1, 1956, as the logo of the Direct Action Committee against Nuclear War. In the 1980’s, the hippie community adopted the symbol and popularized it around the world.

The symbol of woman


This symbol is used in astronomy to denote Venus and to represent women. The circle of this symbol represents the universe and the womb of women. The cross at the bottom of the circle indicates love.

OK sign


The OK or OK sign expresses different meanings in different countries. In the United States, for example, the OK sign is used to indicate that something or someone is OK, but in some European countries it is considered an offensive gesture. Again in Mediterranean and South American countries this symbol symbolizes the anus.

Puzzle ribbon or puzzle ribbon


The puzzle tape has been used as a universal symbol of autism awareness since 1999. This symptom is reflected in the fact that people with autism have similar physical complications. The different colors and shapes of the symbols indicate the diversity of people and families.

(Translated from List Twenty Five)


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