The ideal time for a booster dose is 6 months after the second dose, says Bharat Biotech

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New Delhi: The ideal time to give a booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is six months after the second dose. This was stated on Wednesday by Krishna Ella, Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Biotech. He also emphasized the importance of intravenous or nasal vaccination.

Covaxin-resistant covaxin was developed by Hyderabad-based company Bharat Biotech. Ella said on the day that her company was the first in the world to develop the Zika vaccine.

Speaking at the Times Now Summit 2021, Ella said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has acknowledged the confidence of Indian science in covacin. A person needs to take two doses of this vaccine. However, there has been a worldwide uproar over the booster dose of Covid Ticker. “The ideal time to take a booster dose is six months after the second dose,” Ella said.

India Biotech is trying to vaccinate Kovid intranasally. The company is working on a plan to add booster in this way to make the vaccination process smoother.

“We are coming up with an intranasal vaccine, we think that covacin can be given as the first dose, the second dose can be given through the nose, it is very important strategically and scientifically,” he said. “Because with the second dose, if it is given an intranasal dose, it can be more effective in fighting the virus.”

He said that if someone is infected or if someone is given intranasal vaccine after a single dose, then it works well.

In a recent UN speech, Prime Minister Modi said, “India is now in the final stages of developing the mRNA vaccine. This vaccine can be given by nose. Scientists in our country are working hard to make this vaccine. “

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