The easiest way to reduce the ink under the eyes

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Dark ink falls on the lap of the eyes due to various reasons like working at night, not getting a good night’s sleep, strong mental stress. Many times ink or puffiness under the eyes also occurs due to irregular eating or lifestyle. People who have a habit of eating too much salt accumulate more water in their body and for that too the corners of the eyes may show swelling. All in all the face looks older.

The easiest way to reduce the ink under the eyes

Since this problem is completely related to lifestyle, if you are a little aware, you can easily reduce the ink or puffiness under your eyes. We gave him some more tips. All these tips work great to get rid of fatigue and rejuvenate the eyes.

Cucumber coldness

Girls have been using cucumber to reduce eye fatigue for many decades. Cucumber contains antioxidants and flavonoids which help to reduce redness, irritation and puffiness of the eyes. Cut the cucumber into thin slices and put it on the eyes and leave it for half an hour, the eyes will become fresh.

The miracle of raw potatoes

If you use potato instead of cucumber, you will get the same result. Potatoes can keep you cool for a long time, so you have more time to cool your eyes. In addition, potatoes contain a kind of astringent, which can reduce puffiness under the eyes. Instead of potato slices, you can also grate raw potatoes and cover them with gauze cloth.




The quality of milk

In this case, field milk is usually used, but soy milk can be used if desired. Dip cotton in cold milk and squeeze. Then lie down with your eyes pressed together. This medicine is infallible to reduce the swelling of the corners of the eyes!

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Excellent tea

Tea bags work great to reduce ink or puffiness in the corners of the eyes. Caffeine in green tea or black tea helps to narrow the thin blood vessels under the eyes, as well as increases blood circulation. Dip two tea bags in a large cup of hot water. Then take it out and let it cool to room temperature.

When it is cold, keep it on both eyes and lie down for fifteen minutes to half an hour. If you do it once or twice a week, the skin under the eyes will be tight and the eyes will be cool and smooth.

Egg white

Take out the white part of an egg. Apply thinly under the eyes with finger or brush. Keep tens of minutes. Then rinse gently with water. This will improve blood circulation under the eyes, reduce eye irritation, keep the skin under the eyes tight and fresh.


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