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Experts say that if your loved one likes to caress you during intercourse, then this person will never leave you. Many people think again, to express the sense of entitlement to the body of the beloved person in the intimate moment to put the caress of the companion! Arguments can arise for various reasons. Because, many people like this darling stain, many people dislike it completely. Whatever he is. If you have caresses on your body after intercourse, then you will not feel any shame. In a few simple ways, the stain of love will vanish.

1) Leave the spoon in the deep freezer for a while. When the spoon cools down, press the spoon well on the spot. Doing this several times will make the stain disappear.

2) If you have aloe vera plants at home, take some aloe vera gel and massage it on the spots. If you do this for a while, the stain will be removed quickly.

3) Soak a cotton ball in raw milk and wipe the spot well. Massage well with cotton. You will see the benefits.

4) Mix a small amount of honey with lemon juice. Massage well on the spot. Then lightly press the place with ice. The stain will be removed in an instant.




5) In many cases, excessive caressing can cut into any part of the body and cause bleeding. Apply antiseptic cream first. Then apply neem leaves on the wound. You see, you will benefit very quickly.

However, if you have to go out quickly with this caress, you can cover it with makeup. Or you can wear high heels to cover the scars on the neck. But there is no need to be ashamed of this. Because, this stain is not a stain of shame at all, this stain is a sign of love for your partner.

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