Tea liqueur for hair care

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Tea is one of the favorite food in world. Whether it is something else or not, we have a day without tea. We want a cup of tea when we wake up in the morning. Be it a strong cup of liqueur tea, or a spicy tea mixed with condensed milk and hot spices. There can be no pair of tea to wake up instantly after a good night’s sleep.

Tea liqueur for hair care

But did you know that this tea leaf can strengthen our body as well as our hair? Many do not seem to know. In fact, tea leaves can play a very important role in our hair care.

For all these benefits of tea leaves, tea liqueur has been used in hair care in different countries for a long time. Today I will talk about a simple way to use tea liqueur in hair care.

How to make tea liqueur for hair care

Today I will tell you how to make a hair rinse that can be made with tea liqueur for hair care. I will also share with you how to use this hair rinse. We only need two ingredients for hair rinse made with this tea liqueur. Those are

Two cups of water




Tea leaves 3 tablespoons

First two cups of water should be boiled in the oven. When the water boils, you have to reduce the heat of the stove with tea leaves. After boiling for a while, when the water is reduced to a cup, the stove should be turned off. In this case, the tea liqueur should be left for about an hour. During this time the tea liqueur will cool down and return to room temperature. Then it can be used.

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How to use tea liqueur in hair care

First you have to clean your hair very well with shampoo. Care should be taken not to leave any dirt or oil on the head or hair. If necessary, shampoo more than once. After shampooing, the hair should be washed and cleaned again using the conditioner as per the rules.

After that you have to wash your hair one by one with the cold tea made in advance. Leave it like this for two to three minutes. After that there is no need to wash hair with plain water. Lightly wipe the hair with a towel.

The role of tea liqueur in hair care

Tea liqueur helps to stop our hair from falling out. It works great for coloring hair naturally. At the same time, it makes the hair very shiny. However, for those who like dark black color for their hair, it is better not to use this hair rinse. Using this hair rinse gives a light reddish color to the hair.


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