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Strategies to make old jeans more durable

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Nowadays jeans have become the main demand or trend of everyday wear. Jeans are a favorite garment of men and women. Again, we all know more or less about taking care of jeans. Jeans fall into the heavy clothing category, so it’s a little harder to clean, but it’s much more comfortable to wear and at a very affordable price, so its value is only growing worldwide. But experts recommend not washing jeans as much as possible. So let’s see how the hobby jeans can be used for more days.

Strategies to make old jeans more durable

Turn the jeans upside down while washing

Jeans become very pale after washing. To prevent this, turn the jeans upside down before putting them in the laundry or washing them yourself and let them dry in the sun when they are in the sun and vice versa. As a result, the color of the jeans will not be lost very quickly.

Remove stains

If your favorite jeans have stains, make a paste with baking soda and water to remove those stains. Now apply this paste on an old toothbrush and rub it gently on the spot. You will see that the stain will be removed easily.

Get rid of the stench

If you don’t have time to wash your jeans to remove the odor, put them in a plastic ziplock bag and keep them in the deep freezer. After a while, take out the stench and see that it is completely new.

To tighten:

Many times the waist of the jeans becomes loose. To fix this, use hot water while washing in the washing machine and heat dry.

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To keep the color intactঃ

Soak your new jeans in salt water for a while before smoking for the first time. Then wash as usual. This will keep the color of the jeans intact.

To widen the waist of jeans

Many times the waist part of the jeans feels quite tight. If you want to get rid of this condition, after smoking the jeans, let it dry in the air and pull the waist part wide and fasten it with a clip.

Remove oil and fat stains




If you get oil stains on your jeans, leave baby powder on the stains overnight. The ingredients of the powder will absorb the oil-fat stains.

Remember when buying jeans:

When buying jeans, make sure that it has a stretching capacity of up to 2%. Wait for at least 60 seconds after the jeans to see if they are the same size. Jeans will not look good on you if they do not fit you properly.


Iron your used jeans to make them look new. This will allow you to use your jeans for a long time and you will feel comfortable. This increases the life of jeans.

Try to wash as little as possible

Frequent washing of jeans in the washing machine or by hand, it gets dirty in a few days. So try to wash as little as possible. A pair of jeans we usually wash off after 3-4 days of wearing. Let’s say you have 3 jeans pants. After wearing it every 2 days, keep it dry in the sun. It can be worn 2 more days next week. As a result, your pants are being washed only 2 times per month. The same jeans can be used for several years in this method.

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Put jeans in the bathroom while taking a shower

Yes, hang your jeans in the bathroom when you go for a hot shower. The hot steam will remove the folds of the jeans and the jeans will be suitable for wearing as soon as your bath is over.

Try to wash jeans by hand

Heavy jeans pants are hard to wash, so we tend to send them to the laundry or to the washing machine. This can cause the jeans to tear very quickly. Wash hobby jeans with your own hands. Mix one cup of good quality cloth raw powder in half a bucket of water. Soak the jeans in it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off in cold water.

Read the garments tag before washing the pants

Notice that there is a white tag on the inside of the jeans, where there are instructions on how to clean the pants. Read the tag well before washing the pants. Some jeans can be washed in cold water, while for some jeans such as denim dry wash method is more effective.

Use salt and vinegar

We all want to keep the color of jeans bright for a long time. Mix one cup of vinegar and four parts of one cup of salt in cold water. Then soak the pants in it for 15-20 minutes. The mixture of vinegar and salt will make the color of your jeans permanent.


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