Some exceptional use of toothpaste all around

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Toothpaste is an essential ingredient in everyday use. Although toothpaste is used to clean teeth, there are some exceptional uses of toothpaste for daily household cleaning. Let’s take a look at some of the exceptional uses of toothpaste to make everyday work easier.

Ink stains on clothing


Toothpaste is quite effective in removing pen ink stains from clothing. Apply toothpaste on the inked area and gently rub to remove the pen ink stains.

Wall paint pencil stains

If small children fill the wall of your choice with a color pencil acabuki, then rub toothpaste on the wall stains with a brush, you will see that the stains will start to appear. Then wipe with a slightly damp cloth or tissue paper.

Water stains on wooden furniture


There is a kind of water stain on the wooden furniture and to remove the stain, apply toothpaste on the stain and rub it with a cloth. Stains will be removed from your furniture.

Lipstick stains on clothing





Apply a light toothpaste on the lipstick stains, then rub gently with an old brush. Then when the stain is removed, wash the clothes with clean water.

To clean the iron

When ironing clothes, a kind of stain falls on the ironing and a pair of toothpaste matches the weight to remove this stain. To clean this stain of ironing, apply toothpaste on the floor of the iron, rub it with a paper towel and soak it in a towel.

Car headlights

To clean and shine the headlights of the car, wipe the headlights with cloth and water with toothpaste on the glass.

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The smell of jars


Many times a foul odor is created inside the jar or jar. To remove this foul odor, apply toothpaste on the inside of the jar or jar and rinse well with water.

To make jewelry shiny


To restore the shine to old jewelry, you can mix a small amount of water with toothpaste and clean the jewelry by rubbing it with an old brush.

To clean glass windows or mirrors

To clean and tint glass windows or mirror glass, rub the glass with toothpaste and wash, the glass will shine.


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