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Some easy ways to remove carpet stains

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No matter how clean the house is, the beautiful carpet on the floor can have different stains. Inadvertently, tea or coffee can fall out of your hands, or your child’s picture-sizing tools can cause stains on the carpet. It is possible to remove any kind of stains on the carpet by using some domestic ingredients. Today in this feature I will learn about the ways to remove different types of carpet stains.

Some easy ways to remove carpet stains

Tea or coffee stains

You can mix different types of tea or coffee with water mixed with white vinegar. It is not advisable to rub too much on the carpet to prevent it from spreading. Apply a mixture of vinegar and water in a clean cloth or sponge or towel and lightly press on the tea or coffee stain to remove the stain. Doing this a few times will remove the stain.

Vomiting or urinary incontinence in food or pets

Having small children or pets in the home can cause food or urine stains on the carpet and can also cause bad breath. So it is necessary to remove the food as soon as it is read and wipe it with a damp cloth. Then the stench and stains will not be created. If stains cannot be removed with water and a damp cloth, you can use baking soda. Baking soda is extremely effective in removing stains and sterilization.

Paint and nail polish stains

Paint and nail polish stains can be removed with a solution of vinegar and detergent. Make a solution by mixing vinegar, detergent and water in a container. Then wipe the stain spot by dipping a sponge in this mixture. Keep wiping until the stain is gone. Finally wipe with cold water.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum stains are difficult to remove, especially from fur carpets. If the chewing gum is not removed quickly, it will stick to the fibers of the carpet and ruin the color of the area of ​​the carpet. Chewing gum and carpet stains can be easily removed by using ice. In a plastic bag, place the ice cubes on top of the chewing gum on the carpet for a while. Then scrape off the remaining chewing gum and its stains with a knife.

Blood stains

If blood gets on the carpet for any reason, the stain can be removed by using hydrogen peroxide. In addition to hydrogen peroxide, ammonia can also be used to remove blood stains.

Oil or fat stains

Oil or grease stains can be removed from the carpet using shaving cream. Grease stains can come from cooking oil, cosmetics, furniture polish or wax. Shaving creams work well to remove these types of oil-fat stains. Also place a towel over the oil stain and iron it with hot iron for a while. You will see that the oil / fat will stick to the towel.

But if you don’t know what stains are on the carpet, mix 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide with non-gel toothpaste. Apply the mixture on a soft cloth and rub it on the carpet stains. Then wipe with water. Whatever the stain, it will go away


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