Sleeping comfortably in the heat – easy ways and techniques

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Everyone needs a little sleep at the end of a tiring day. There is no substitute for a moderately comfortable sleep to keep the body and mind healthy. Not being able to sleep properly does not eliminate the fatigue of the body, the effect of which is later in the workplace. Even if you can tolerate the extreme heat of the day, when you go to sleep, the heat becomes a cause of annoyance.

Sleeping comfortably in the heat - easy ways and techniques

Especially if the house does not have air conditioner or air cooler. At high temperatures our brain instructs the body not to sleep, which increases the discomfort many times over. So what can be done to sleep peacefully in the heat? It is very easy to sleep peacefully even in this heat if you adopt a little strategy.

Take a bath before going to bed

If it is very hot, taking a bath before going to bed will lower the body temperature much more than normal. As a result, it will be convenient to sleep with a cold feeling in the body. If you take a bath before going to sleep, sleep will be deeper. If it is not possible to take a bath, you can wipe the whole body or soak your feet in water for a while and then go to sleep.

Take a bath in normal temperature water

You should not take a bath in ice cold water after sweating in the heat from outside. This will keep the heat inside the body. If you come home and take a bath before going to bed, do it in normal temperature water.

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Sleeping on the floor of the house

The floor of the house is colder than the bed. Although less comfortable than a mattress, it takes much less heat. The hot air is higher at the top. So sleeping on the floor is comfortable. If you want, you can wipe the floor of the house with water before going to sleep. After drying, spread the rug and lie down.

Arrange for ventilation

Keep windows open if possible. This will keep the house cool. If you hang a heavy cloth soaked in front of the window, you will get cold air when the outside air enters. In addition, you can use an additional portable fan in the house. If you put it near the window, cold air will enter from outside. You can put a pot of ice in front of the fan. This will cool the air in the house. If you want to get the hot air out of the house again, turn the fan towards the window.

Sleep alone if needed




It is better not to sleep in one bed on a hot day. Sleeping with someone in hot weather can be annoying. Because having another person in bed means another source of heat. For this reason, try to sleep alone in bed. One can sleep on the bed and the other on the floor. It will be able to sleep comfortably with arms and legs spread.

Reduce power consumption

Remove the plug from the socket, turn off all the lights, keep the use of electronics gadgets low. These gadgets produce heat which can disturb your sleep. Keep phones and laptops away from bed. All you have to do is keep the house cool.

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Comfortable clothing

During hot days or nights, everyone wears light clothes. Wear light clothing at the most comfortable time while sleeping. You can choose cotton clothes for light and comfort. This dries the sweat easily and removes heat from the body.


On hot days, change the bed sheets every night if possible. Because sleeping in a clean bed brings a kind of peace of mind; Which helps to sleep better. However, in this case, the bed sheets should be made of cotton. And the foam bed will feel hotter. It is better to use mattress and mattress. You can also use a cotton pillow for comfortable sleep.

Eat and drink

The body stays warm for 1 to 2 hours after eating. So if you want to sleep in peace, eat dinner one to two hours before going to sleep. And you should not eat food at night that makes you uncomfortable.

Drink more water

Normally everyone sweats a lot in the heat. The body system lowers the temperature through sweating. This is why you need to drink more water. You should drink more water to keep your body fresh. If you have a tendency to sweat a lot, apply talcum powder on your body before going to sleep. In this case, menthol flavored powder will give a lot of comfort.

Hopefully, if you apply these techniques, you will be able to sleep comfortably even in this scorching heat.


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