Silica gel – how to use it – around

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Silica gel – New shoes, electronics products or things inside plastic bottles are found by many. This type of small white bag is often kept in the medicine bottle. If you touch it from above, it may seem that there is something like salt inside. There is a warning written on the body – do not eat, or keep away from children.

If one opens the bag out of curiosity, one will see that there are a bunch of small white and transparent grains inside and this is called silica gel. Its job is to absorb and retain moisture.

We usually throw away a bag of silica gel in a newly purchased item. In fact, this silica gel bag can be used for many purposes. There are many benefits to storing silica gel bags that are available with newly purchased items. And let’s find out what kind of benefits come –

1. If mobile phone falls into the waterঃ
Your mobile phone fell into the water? Or water has fallen on the mobile? No worries. Turn off the mobile, remove the battery, SIM, memory card and wipe as dry as you can with a dry cloth or cotton. Then put the phone in a plastic box and put five or six silica gel bags inside. It is better to keep the bags in touch with the mobile. The silica gel in the bag will be able to absorb the water particles and moisture accumulated inside the mobile.

2. Protecting items from rust
Keep three to four packets of silica gel inside an airtight plastic box to protect the metal in the house from rust or rust. It will not rust. The razor will last a long time if the safety razor is kept in this way. Jewelry made of silver or any other metal can be brand new if it is kept in this technique.

3. Keep food fresh
Stick a few silica gel bags with cellotape on the inside of the lid of the container in which the food is kept. Now close the lid. The food will stay fresh for a long time. You will get special results if you put silica gel in the container of dry feet, almonds, chickpeas etc. However, make sure that the silica gel bag does not touch the food.

4. Keeping important documents and photographs in order
Humidity often leaves a damp sticky feeling on our emergency papers. In that case keep a few silica gel bags in the drawer or cupboard where you keep the paper or files. If possible, keep one or two bags inside the file. You will see that damp feeling will not come. If you put a silica gel bag inside the photo album, the pictures will be perfect.

5. Keeping the medicine in order
Put one or two silica gel bags inside the plastic bottle or container in which the medicine is kept. There will be no fear of the medicine being spoiled.

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So from now on, don’t throw away the silica gel bag you got with the newly purchased item. Saving these will be very useful. If you need, you can also buy silica gel bags through online shopping.


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