Rules for cleaning makeup brush

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Remember the last time you cleaned a makeup brush? Don’t you remember? That is to be expected. But did you know that makeup brushes need to be cleaned regularly?

Rules for cleaning makeup brush

There is nothing to bite the tongue. Most people do not know this. Again many know but cannot comply. There are very few girls, very few… who know it and obey it.

However, since we do not clean the makeup brush regularly, a large layer of makeup gradually accumulates on the makeup brush. And the color of the fibers of the brush was lost at the time of purchase and only the color of makeup can be seen all around. It looks pretty dirty; Hygiene of your skin is also damaged. So it is important to keep our makeup brush clean.

Dermatologists say that the foundation of the makeup brush should be cleaned at least once a week. Otherwise, bacteria can grow in the fibers of the brush. And we have no doubt that bacteria are harmful to the skin.

I must keep in mind that those brushes are also being used around our eyes so that not only the skin but also the bacteria accumulated in the dirty brush is harming our eyes.

In fact, many people think that cleaning the makeup brush regularly will reduce the life of the bristles of the brush. But the opposite happens at all. The brighter the brush, the longer the bristles will last. However, I have to clean the brush in the right way, maybe the reason for my fear will be the result, that is, the brush will be damaged. If you do not know the correct rules for cleaning makeup brush-

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A few steps are to clean the makeup brush. I am arranging the steps in sequential numbers like 1, 2.

1. First wash the makeup brush well in lukewarm water. If you can wash the brushes according to the stream of hot water in the basin or in the lap of the bathroom then it is very good.

2. Makeup brush cleaning soap is now available in the market. After washing the brush in hot water, apply a little soap on the palm of the hand.




3. Then gently rub the ends of the bristles of the makeup brush with soap.

4. Once the makeup is completely removed from the bristles, the bristles of the brush should be washed thoroughly in lukewarm water.

5. This time you have to drain the water well from the fibers of the brush. Make sure that the bristles of the makeup brush do not accumulate water. So if you think there is some water left in the bristles, wipe off the water with a dry towel.

6. Another thing to keep in mind at this time is that the fibers of the brush should not be random. So when the makeup brushes are dry, you have to adjust the size of the fibers of the brush with your fingers.

7. This time, keep the brushes neatly arranged. Then the size of Brussels will be good. However, before arranging, it is better to check again whether the shapes of the bristles are correct or not.

Because if the bristles are dried in a random condition, their size will be damaged; At the same time you have to suffer while doing makeup. So don’t leave the brushes in the towel even if you make a mistake to spray water. Drain the water with a towel and keep them open.

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Special Note:

What to do if you do not have soap to clean the makeup brush at home? Use soap on the skin? No, don’t do that at all. In this case use good quality shampoo but refrain from using any other type of soap.

After cleaning the bristles with shampoo, don’t forget to wash them well. We all know that shampoo foam is late.

Well, how to wash a makeup brush if you don’t even have shampoo at home? Don’t wash? Leave it for washing next week? Don’t do that. If you don’t have a makeup brush, soap or good quality shampoo at home, you can also use a dishwasher liquid shop. But you have to mix a little olive oil with it.
If you clean the makeup brush in this way, you must dry it well.


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