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Online shopping fraud, how to survive?

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The coronavirus epidemic has given birth to many new online organizations. How to understand which of these is fake? Fear of cheating if you are a little careless again in online shopping. So be careful about certain things, shop at ease.

Online shopping fraud, how to survive

Let’s find out now from online marketing and technology experts.

The original website must be recognized

Fraudsters often use the knowledge of technology to deceive customers by making slight changes in the design of the original website of the organization. Again, many times the name of the website is changed, which buyers do not notice. This is something to keep in mind.

There are two things to keep in mind to understand whether you have entered a real website to avoid such scams. The original website address must have https at the beginning and the website must have a full domain name, ie (WWW.) Followed by a name and dotcom (.COM) at the end.

Address and Review

When buying products online, you need to check the address of the website and whether you have a phone number, if necessary, verify the authenticity by phone. Also, you have to take a look at the correct review of the product. Many times fraudsters deceive buyers with fake reviews. Buyers’ comments should be viewed alongside the reviews.

Not only in USA but also in the world a great tool of deception is glamorous advertisements and extra discounts. As a result of these two, buyers are deceived into buying products without checking and sorting. And such offers are given in a very limited time, so that the buyers compete. So in these cases one must be careful before ordering.

Page’s age

Facebook is a popular medium for online product shopping. But due to lack of awareness, most of the cases of cheating happen from this Facebook. For this you have to see when the Facebook page was created. Whether they have done any live program before in terms of product sales.

Whether buyers’ comments have been replied to on the Facebook page. Also be careful if the like-comments in other posts are unusually low compared to the posts that have been boosted on the page. See if there are addresses and review options.

Product Verification-Sorting

Before ordering any product, you need to check its details. Besides, you need to know the information about the size, weight, etc. of the product. If necessary, go to chat and ask more questions. If in doubt, you can ask for the original picture of the product in addition to the picture of the advertisement. Lastly, check if the company has a return and refund policy, if so, how it is and whether it is customer friendly.

Advance payment

Online shopping is a great tool for fraud, taking money in advance from customers. If there is no established online or you do not get the correct information about the organization, it is better not to make advance payment.

Also, it is better to refrain from making any online popups, tempting offers, clicking on any phishing link in the email or shopping online using public wifi.


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