No more worries about hair loss? Easy home remedies at hand

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Today we will discuss a very important topic and problem and its name is hair loss problem or hair fall problem. Today’s discussion is about some effective ways to get rid of this hair fall and home tips.

No more worries about hair loss_ Easy home remedies at hand

First things first:

Who doesn’t want beautiful, thick, black strong hair? Everyone likes beautiful and thick hair. And so we all expect beautiful, thick and strong hair to always decorate ourselves neatly and neatly. However, in many cases it may not be possible for a particular problem.

Nowadays we all have more or less hair fall problem. In general, this hair follicle problem is more common in people of different ages due to various reasons. Girls as well as boys have this problem. However, this problem is most common in adolescent boys and girls. However, in adolescence this problem is more noticeable in girls than in boys.

Here are some common causes for this problem:

1. To keep hair dirty and unclean.

2. If dust accumulates in the hair follicles.

3. Wet hair is combed frequently.

4. If you regularly use electronic heaters or irons in your hair.

5. If you use different medicine or hair color frequently.

The hair fall problem occurs for the above reasons. However, no matter how complicated the problem, there is a solution. It is possible to get rid of this problem only by following some restrictions and hair care. The following are some of the restrictions and hair care issues:


1. Hair cannot be combed while wet.

2. Always apply natural rules when drying hair, refrain from using any heater.

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3. Always use any 1 brand of shampoo on hair. Do not change the brand frequently.




Those who suffer from hair loss must comply with the above restrictions. If you follow the restrictions, I hope you will get rid of this problem very soon.

Hair Care and Care:

1. Apply oil on hair at least 3-4 days a week.

2. Refrain from shampooing every day. It is better not to shampoo more than 3 days a week.

3. Make a paste of fenugreek, henna, sour curd and use it on hair at least twice a month. The hair will be bright, vibrant and shiny.

Just as food is needed to keep the body healthy and nutritious, so is food needed for hair care. And the main food of hair is oil and vitamin oil. Vitamin oil is a vitamin E oil or capsule. In the case of oil, there are different oils of different brands. Many people say that even after regular oiling of the hair, the hair is not strong.

Then the only thing for them is the main food of hair, that is, oiling the hair and there are some proper rules. Of course, you have to apply oil on the hair according to the rules, otherwise the expected results cannot be expected. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your hair:

1. Proper oiling rules and care:

There are also rules for applying oil, such as: The oil must be adjusted between the hair and the scalp. Apply 80 percent of the oil well on the scalp and the remaining 30 percent on the hair. However, care must be taken so that most of the oil does not stick to the hair. The oil must be applied to the scalp. If most of the oil gets stuck in the hair then good results will not be obtained.

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2. Properly hot oil massage:

Give hot oil massage at least 1 day a week to maintain good hair health.

But it must be given in the right way. Many people also say that they do not see any improvement in the health of their hair even after hot oil massage because of not following the right rules.

Many of you tie your hair after hot oil massage and shampoo it. But this is not the right rule, the right rule is: After massaging the hot oil, the hair must be wrapped with a hot towel. Shampoo should be done at least 3 hours after applying the oil.

Following the above rules can easily get rid of the hair fall problem or we can help ourselves and other family members to deal with this hair loss problem.

The tendency to lose hair is serious in certain people. They must take medicine according to the doctor’s advice and follow the doctor’s advice.

I hope you like my article and will benefit from it. I am saying goodbye today with your prayers. But again we will talk about some different problems and their remedies. Stay well, stay healthy.


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