Mobile Photography: Take good pictures with some simple techniques

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Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone in their hands, so it can be said that everyone owns at least one camera. Taking pictures with these cameras and sharing them on social media has become a matter of routine. Mobile companies are also offering cameras with various high functions. Again, the camera companies are not sitting still, they are also offering good compact point and shoot cameras at low prices. So it can be said that everyone is a photographer in this age!

Mobile Photography_ Take good pictures with some simple techniques

Although a large part of them cannot take good pictures due to lack of some basic knowledge about photography. But if you take pictures according to some simple rules, your picture can also be appreciated by everyone. Let’s take a look at some simple tips, if you follow these you will understand the difference between your previous and current photo.

How to take good pictures

* Get acquainted with your camera settings. Your camera has different functions, the more familiar you are with them, the less hassle you will have when taking pictures. So check out all the features, if necessary, take pictures and practice the features.

* When taking pictures outside, notice when taking pictures. The best time to take pictures is between eight and eleven in the morning. If you take it after that, the picture will be bright. Professionals use special filters to take pictures between eleven and three or four in the afternoon, which you are not supposed to use. So choose morning and afternoon when taking pictures.

* Have adequate lighting when taking pictures indoors or outdoors. If possible, go out and take pictures, use daylight. When taking pictures outside, make sure that the main source of light, which must be the sun on the outside, is behind you, not behind the subject or the person you are photographing. Doing so will make the subject’s face look black, your image may be damaged. If you do the opposite, the light will come from behind you, the subject will get a lot of light and the picture will be good.

* When taking a picture, where an object will be and where your subject will be in the picture frame, the composition is to work with it. There are some general rules about these, if you follow them the picture will be better. A little bit of these rules are being said here, because in detail it would be an epic!

* Photo subject. (Assuming he is a man!) The head or the main attraction should not be in the middle. It would be nice to see if it was a little on either the right or the left. Do not leave space above unless you need to. When taking a picture of someone, it is important to judge where and how much to put in the frame. When taking pictures of human face, do not cut the lower part of the throat in any way. This will make the picture look dull, creating an uncomfortable situation. In this way, cut from the top of the elbow, or a little from the bottom while taking it to the chest. Do not cut from the elbow. Do not cut from the waist, cut from a little above or below, do not cut from the knees, cut from a little above or below. There are different rules for composing. Find out in time. Everything is available on the internet. We will also try to provide details from time to time.

* When taking pictures, make sure that the brightness of the background is less than that of the subject. Otherwise the subject will become black and blurred.

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* When taking pictures, try to take pictures at eye level or subject’s own height. If you take a picture of a subject from above or take a picture of it from below, they will have a chance to look bad except for the special time.

* When taking pictures, try to take the same picture a few times in different ways. In this way, one or the other picture is bound to be beautiful!

* The picture must be clear. Learn a little about camera focus. If the subject is not clear then the picture is soil.

* Take regular pictures. Take lots of pictures. There is no difficulty in taking pictures with digital camera, there is no cost. So take pictures whenever you get a chance. This will increase your experience, you will be able to learn from your mistakes quickly.


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