Learn to say “NO” to saving relationships

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In the course of life, there are times when there is no other way but to say no. But saying this negative word then seems to be the most difficult task in the world. Not being able to say this ‘no’ causes us many troubles and dangers.

Learn to say _no_ to saving relationships

You have the full right to say ‘no’ if you do not like any of the proposals. So why is it so hard to say this word? Let’s find out why people are uncomfortable saying ‘no’ and how to say ‘no’ easily.

Why is it uncomfortable to say no?

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable not telling anyone or giving a negative answer. However, there are several reasons behind it.

Desire to help from the heart – Every human being has a desire to do good. And because of this latent desire, people can’t easily say ‘no’ to anyone. If you are not completely helpless, it is usually uncomfortable for someone to say ‘no’ to someone.

Thinking it looks bad – Many people put a burden on their shoulders thinking that giving a negative answer to someone looks bad. But if you agree to the proposal, it will be to your detriment, it is better not to agree later. So don’t put danger on your neck thinking it looks bad.

Fear of bad relationships – Many people are afraid to say no when they think their relationship is bad. Many can’t say ‘no’ thinking that once you say something negative, it may become difficult to maintain the relationship. But there is no reason for the relationship to be bad if it is explained nicely with reasons.

Fear of losing opportunities in the future – Many people are hesitant to think that once they say no they may not get another chance. But if you agree to an unjust proposal for fear of losing the opportunity, you will bring your own danger.

Way not to say

Tell me directly, “I’m very sorry. I can’t agree with your proposal. ” Many cannot say no directly. But it is better for both parties to reject the offer directly. Because, there is no dilemma in this method.

If you can’t speak directly, take some time. Say you think a little and then let me know. After a couple of days, write an e-mail or text message stating that you do not agree with the offer. For those who can’t say no directly, it’s easy to write.

You say you have other important work to do now. You are not getting time for other important work. So you do not have the leisure to agree to a new proposal.

You say you would like to agree to the offer but it is not possible for you at the moment. It seems quite polite to say so. In this way the reputation of the proposer’s proposal first. Then say that if you had the power, you would have agreed to his offer. But at the moment you can’t accept his offer.

If you can’t agree to the offer, talk to someone you know. Get in touch with him if possible. Then the person who says ‘no’ will not be too disappointed.


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