Know the nutritional value of dried fish – hygiene rules

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One of the most popular food of Bengalis is dried fish. It is a very popular food. The fish is preserved by drying it in the sun. It has its own distinct smell and taste. Just as many people do not want to eat it because of its smell, it is also popular with many because of its smell.

Many people do not want to eat this great food with different taste, again many people think that there is no benefit in eating it. In fact, it is not. It goes without saying that many people do not have a clear idea about the nutrition and benefits of this food. This food has many nutritional value. Today we will discuss about that.

Dry Fish Nutrition Material

Although it is a popular food, many people do not know the nutrition of dried fish properly. Many people do not want to eat it because they do not have the right idea or do not know exactly what they are actually benefiting from. But you need to have an idea about this.

Dried fish contains various nutrients. It contains essential nutrients for the body like protein, anti-oxidants, potassium, phosphorus etc. It also contains all the important and necessary elements like selenium, niacin, vitamin-B12, cholesterol, saturated fatty acids, calories etc.

It contains about 60 to 75 percent protein which is very beneficial for the body. The amino acids in this protein are equivalent to the proteins in eggs. Dryness also contains anti-oxidants that help boost the body’s immune system.

It contains sodium which controls blood pressure as well as nerves and maintains muscle structure. It also contains potassium which keeps the body hydrated. Maintaining proper water balance in the body is essential for the internal functions of the body. In addition, this potassium also helps in the functioning of the nervous system, muscles and heart.

Moreover, this food contains phosphorus. Phosphorus helps maintain the body’s bone structure, tooth structure and even the structure of DNA and RNA. In addition, Vitamin B12 in it helps in the formation of red blood cells and keeps the nervous system stable. It also increases the efficiency of the brain.

Niacin is in the dry. This niacin helps the body produce energy from food. It also keeps the nervous system, digestive system and skin healthy. These foods also contain cholesterol and saturated fatty acids that help control high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Nutrition of dried fish

Dry Fish Benefits

Dried fish has a lot of nutrients. All these nutrients are necessary and important for the body as well as beneficial. All these ingredients have many benefits. Let’s find out what are the benefits of this food.




A) Provides energy

Those who work hard can eat this fish. It meets the calorie needs of the body and provides energy to the body to work.

B) Cholesterol control

Dryness is very effective in controlling the level of cholesterol in the body. It helps to increase the beneficial cholesterol in the body. As well as being a high quality non-vegetarian, protein rich food, it also benefits the heart. As well as adding a lot of cholesterol, it also helps in weight loss.

C) Increases immunity

It is a very useful food to boost the body’s immunity. Playing it regularly does not cause diseases like tuberculosis, cold, cough, influenza, fever etc. easily. It also helps in building resistance against other diseases. It also contains high levels of iodine and iron, which increase blood flow and strengthen the body’s immune system.

D) For pregnant mothers

Iron, sodium etc. are essential for the body of pregnant mothers during pregnancy. And dried fish has all these ingredients. As well as many other ingredients that are useful for pregnant mothers. So mothers can eat it during pregnancy. Will benefit.

E) Hormonal problems

Many people have hormonal problems. It can be eaten to get rid of hormonal problems. It maintains the balance of hormones in the body and eliminates various hormonal problems. It also helps in building the body of growing children. Besides, it has many benefits in providing energy to the body after physical work.

Dry Fish Disadvantages

Dried fish contains many nutrients. Due to the presence of many nutrients, it also has various benefits for our body. In other words, many people think it is harmful, but it is quite beneficial for us. But that is not all. It also has some disadvantages. Let’s find out the disadvantages of shuntki.

  • High cholesterol can increase the amount of cholesterol in the body if you play it too much. This can lead to various types of damage to the body. So those who are obese should avoid this food. Avoid it even if you have heart problems.
  • This food should not be eaten if you have gallstones or gallbladder stones, kidney problems or any other complications. This can lead to various complications.
  • Due to the high protein content of this food, people with liver, kidney, gallbladder problems should not eat this dried food. This can lead to complex problems.
  • People with high blood pressure due to high protein intake should also avoid it. Besides, those who are at risk of diabetes and heart disease, it is better not to eat it or even if you eat a small amount.
  • Many salts are used in preserving dried fruits. And salt increases the risk of high blood pressure. It also causes heart problems. So avoid this food if you have high blood pressure.
  • If you have arthritis pain, it is better not to eat dry. This can increase the pain.

In recent times, various harmful pesticides have been used to preserve dried fruits. These pesticides are very harmful to the body. So it is better to wash it in lukewarm water before cooking and then cook it. This reduces the effectiveness of harmful pesticides and germs.

Dry Eating Way

Dried fish can be eaten in different ways. One of the popular methods of rural Bengal is dried fish paste. This mash can be fried with onion and chilli and can also be boiled. Dried curry is also quite interesting. Dried mash is a very popular dish with hot rice or various cakes.


There are many misconceptions about eating dried fish. Due to lack of clear idea about it, many people suffer from hesitation about eating it. However, nutrition is available by playing it. So you can eat it without any hesitation. However, it will not be beneficial for everyone. So those who may be harmed will try to avoid it or eat a small amount while playing.

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