It is important to clean the 5 parts of the body during bathing

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Change has begun in nature. The dry and cool air is giving the impression of winter. Many have already started using winter clothes. At this time it is most lazy to take a bath. Even if it is done, many people take a bath after pouring water on their body. But it is difficult if you do not pay attention to cleansing the body during bathing.

It is important to clean the 5 parts of the body during bathing

Although we take a bath every day, there are some parts of the body that are not given proper attention. Those parts remain unclean even after bathing. If those places are not cleaned regularly, various kinds of physical problems can occur. Let’s find out about those parts of the body-


The navel is one of the most important organs in our body. Dirt accumulates easily in this part of the body. But most of the time we forget to clean the navel because it cannot be seen from outside. Even after cleaning, I remove the dirt with my nails. This is an unhealthy procedure. Clean the navel by rubbing well with a sponge during bathing.


You brush your teeth once or twice a day, but the tongue? Do you clean the tongue according to the rules? We know that most people are lazy. Although they brush their teeth, they are indifferent about cleaning their tongues. Doctors, meanwhile, say that if you do not clean your tongue every day, you will develop bad breath. In addition, it will have an effect on your health. Then you understand, how important it is to keep the tongue clean!


Nails are one of the places in the body where dirt and germs can settle. Many times, even if it cannot be seen with the naked eye, innumerable germs are hidden inside the nails. Some people get red or black spots due to not cleaning their nails regularly. If the nails are kept large, dirt can accumulate there and many diseases can be caused. So it is important to clean your nails regularly. If the nails are big, cut them as soon as possible.


Many people refrain from cleaning their ears while taking a bath, for fear of getting water in their ears or from laziness. But it is important to clean your ears regularly to stay healthy. If you do not clean the dirt that has accumulated in the back of the ear, various germs can be born there and infection or skin disease can occur.


Are you regularly cleaning the two legs that carry your load all day? If you do not clean your feet properly, dead cells and sweat can cause fungus and bad odor. Fungus can also spread infections to nails and ankles. So be careful now. Clean your feet during bath every day.


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