If you want to be rich, follow 10 tips

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Every common man has a latent desire to become rich. And this desire is not something to blame at all but this desire of everyone is not fulfilled. Because the road to wealth is not easy at all, it requires proper planning and hard work. Along with all this, the right direction plays a helpful role in making this desire to become rich a reality. Let us know some suggestions.

If you want to be rich, follow 10 tips

1. There is nothing wrong with dreaming, but plan ahead:

It is good to dream of becoming rich. Yes, it is better to dream of lakhs of rupees than to lie on a torn kantha. Because if you want to do something first, you have to dream. But it is important to plan ahead. Plan your time in the diary. Suppose you want to save one lakh rupees in one year. Then invest in the stock market. After ten months, calculate if the plan is being implemented properly.

2. Decide first what kind of rich person you want to be:

Decide first what kind of rich person you want to be. That means through business or job. Rich means a lot of money or big minded people. Fix it all first. If you want to do big business, try to get up step by step. Invest according to the amount of profit you make.

Try to invest in a lot of things slowly without getting stuck in a business. If you want to be rich by getting a job, first learn to lead the team. Bring new ideas along with work. Have a good relationship with everyone in the office and try to explain the good side of your work to the boss.

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3. Keep your eyes and ears open:

Earnings can come from anywhere – keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Any discussion can lead to a big earning direction. Never mind that it’s not my job. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has even said that he could never have opened Facebook without opening his eyes and ears. Do not search the internet very well. The whole world is hidden in the net world. Find a way to earn money from there. Shake your head.

4. Give importance not only to the desired job, but also to the place of employment:

Don’t be overwhelmed just by getting the job you want. Give importance to the place of work. Suppose you are involved in the film industry. Then try to work in the best place of this work. It can be brightened from anywhere if it has the right qualifications. But it is also a time when professionalism takes the best out of you. So if you work in the best place, your best can be given. So the best is found.

5. Study, improve your skills by taking courses:




Continue studying. Always increase your qualifications. If you pass BA, do MA. If you have a master’s degree, do PHC. Take timely courses. On the one hand, your CV will be heavier, your qualifications will increase. Bigger than that will boost your confidence. There will be many more ways to earn. There will be lucrative job offers in different companies.

6. Move to a new place if you get a good chance of not getting stuck in the same job year after year:

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He has been working in the same company year after year. Just think, ‘Let’s go, I’m earning, I’m getting food’. Create opportunities without thinking like this, use the opportunities. When the company changes, on the one hand, the salary increases, on the other hand, the confidence increases, on the other hand, the mentality of doing something new comes. So go to a new place when you get a good chance.

7. Think of some exceptional business investments:

Most of the rich people in the world have taken over by doing business based on some exceptional ideas. Well think about scotch brite. In the past, we used to wash utensils with such rags. But one would have to come up with something that could be used to replace the rags. Or suppose online shopping these days. Owners of Amazon, Flipkart also thought exceptional. You too think, read, see. The idea of ​​a new business is hidden before our eyes, we just can’t see it. Your bright future depends on this idea, and then on making it a reality.

8. Take a closer look at the places of cost:

You may be earning well. But at the end of the month you see the condition of that clown mother Bhabani. Then do one thing and see exactly where your expenses are going. Well, isn’t your lifestyle becoming a little richer? Maybe it costs a little less but it leaves you. You can understand all this if you write down the places of expenditure. If you look later, you will understand which places need to be checked a little.

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9. Don’t chase after money, chase after money:

If you want to be rich, you can’t just run after money. You will see that money will run after you if you plan properly. Well, let me tell you a story. Bill Gates. Bill Gates went to a university one day to give a lecture. After sharing a lot of things with the students, when Bill’s speech was over, all of a sudden ১০ 10 went out of his pocket. Bill but he did not pick up the money. Everyone was surprised then. Bill said the reason was that he could earn more than that by spending that time. Make yourself that way. Don’t just run after money. Work on time, enjoy work.

10. Use the time, think before you invest:

Divide the 24 hours of the day. If you want to earn, you have to work hard. But more than that, time planning has to be done. Suppose you have a job.

That means 9-10 hours you are busy at work, then use the time. Start with a small business. Tuition is not a bad option either. Invest the extra time you have working. Don’t forget the point is the Indus at the point.


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