If you get a new job, tell the boss how

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You have been doing a job for a long time. Good relationship with high ranking officials. In the meantime, new job opportunities came. Salary-allowance and benefits are much better than now. But disaster struck elsewhere. How to inform the boss about leaving the job? Thoughts fold in the forehead!

If you get a new job, tell the boss how

Let’s be clear. Deciding to change jobs naturally is a very complicated process. Especially talking to the boss about this is more complicated. Although this is the best decision you can make when it comes to your career.

In this case, you can take into account the benefits of salary-allowance, improved work environment and work pressure differences. However, the issue of leaving the job should be professional and constructive. There is no fear of ruining the relationship. Let’s find out some useful information about this-

Think before you act

Getting a new offer doesn’t mean you have to give up your old job. Decide first, what do you want to do in your career, what is the purpose of your work? Compare between two organizations, then decide.

Discuss convenient time

Set aside a time at the beginning to discuss the new job. Time must be the boss’s advantage. It is better to say these things face to face. If necessary, give notice of resignation at least two weeks in advance. Get your hands dirty during this time.

There is no obligation to state the reason for leaving the job. If you want, you can give them the name and address of the new organization. But never forget to thank the manager for the experience you have gained as a result of working.

Can’t be negative

You can tell the boss the reason for leaving the job. It could be higher pay or more experience. But talk about new opportunities in a positive way. Even if you are very interested in leaving your current job, do not disclose it to the boss. Never express a negative attitude or annoyance when discussing your current job. It does not fall into professionalism.

Prepare yourself

After informing the boss about the new job, he can offer to hold you. The boss can then ask about the possible salary. You can also ask them to keep you in your company for a higher salary. Think about this, what is your career goal?

If the main purpose is to get a higher salary, then this offer from the boss will tempt you. But if you want to work in a new environment, avoid this boss offer.

Compromise knowingly

Hoping for a counter-offer from the boss, but he did not give it. In that case a little different method has to be adopted. On the day of the discussion, gather some information about your salary, rank and various aspects of the job and you can tell the boss the amount of salary of the new company to explain your true value.

In that case, if you give that amount of money to the current organization, you agree to stay there. If the answer is no, then make the most important decision – stay or leave.


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