If the brakes of the car fail, follow the 10 rules

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In the country and abroad, there are terrible accidents due to brake failure. And that number is growing exponentially. But if you follow some rules, you can get rid of difficult problems like brake failure. As a result, all the damage including loss of vehicle, loss of life is matched.

If the brakes of the car fail, follow the 10 rules

Noise starts coming from the brake pads when the car brakes fail or there are signs of doing so. Sometimes the brake calipers get stuck. In this case, the brake wire is also torn. In most cases, the brake master cylinder leaks and the brakes fail without getting the required pressure. Leaking the brake oil can cause the brakes to fail.

What to do if the brakes fail

1. First reduce the speed of the car. Keep pressing the brake pedal of the car non-stop. There is a possibility of quick brake return to control.

2. Lower the car gear to lower gear.

3. The car cannot be neutralized in any way. When neutral, the car will start moving backwards. You will completely lose control of it.

4. Use the clutch instead of the accelerator.




5. Blow the horn incessantly, turn on the headlamp diapers at night, light the indicators in addition to the hazard lights. So that others can understand that there is a problem in the car.

6. Turn on the car’s AC. This will increase the pressure on the engine and reduce the speed of the car.

7. If there is mud or sand on the road, take the car that way. Even if the brakes fail, the speed of the car will be reduced.

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8. Use hand brake for gear change.

9. If the speed of the vehicle is within 40 kmph, apply the hand brake.

10. If the speed is more than 40 kmph, handbrake cannot be done by mistake. The car is likely to overturn.


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