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How to take care of laptop

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Computers are now a constant companion in the journey of modern life. The use of laptops is increasing with the passage of time. Now laptops have become very popular among people of all ages, not just the younger generation. Laptops are popular for their outward appearance, modernity of use, size and ease of carrying.

How to take care of laptop

Laptops can be used for a long time only if you buy a laptop and use it, you also have to take care of the laptop regularly. In many cases, this little device called a laptop needs more care than a desktop computer. Let’s take a quick look at some tips on how to use a laptop with care for a long time and how to increase its effectiveness.

– Definitely use a good antivirus.

– Reduce screen brightness when running laptop on battery. This will reduce the pressure on the battery.

– Use a suitable bag for your favorite laptop. It is better not to be overly compressed or small in size.

– Shut down or uninstall unnecessary programs / software to reduce stress on the processor.

– Clean the line of the battery connector from time to time. Try to keep it dust free.

– Minimize or close windows other than useful windows.

– Always play movies and songs from hard disk. Because the capacity of laptop CD / DVD ROM is less.

– You can use hibernate or slip option instead of shut down.




– Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections unnecessarily. Turn on only when needed.

– Stop all other work during hard disk and CPU maintenance.

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– Once the battery is fully charged, use it again with full charge.

– Defragment the hard disk at least once a week.

– Use the laptop in bed as little as possible.

– Always keep the battery part at the bottom when placing it in the bag. This is because the battery is the heaviest part of the laptop.

– If the battery is used less or not used at once, its life is reduced. To avoid this, try to run the laptop with battery 2 to 3 days a week. Only recharge when the battery is fully charged.

– Keep the laptop hundreds of hands away from water and moisture. Do not keep a glass or bottle of water on the laptop table. It is better not to eat while working on the lap. It’s all over when the hand falls off.

– Work with a laptop in a well-ventilated place. And of course use the laptop under the fan or in the AC room. Do not carry a laptop in or around the kitchen.

– Do not use the laptop in direct sunlight. This is because your laptop heats up too fast and can cause any kind of damage. Remember, it is best to keep your laptop or desktop as cool as possible. So do not use laptop or desktop in the place where the sun gets hot in the house.

You have to take care of the laptop. Be sure to keep a backup of your work. So that even if there is something in the laptop, your work is not lost.


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