How to take care of baby’s skin in winter

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It is important to take extra care of the children. Winter is a time of great danger for young children. Due to the harsh winter winds can easily affect them. Apart from that, winter is the time of transmission of various diseases. So it is important to take special care of newborns at this time. Because your baby’s immune system is not yet fully developed. As the incidence of the disease increases in winter, extra care should be taken to take care of the baby’s skin in winter. The mind is filled with the sweet smile of the hollow teeth of one’s own child.

How to take care of baby's skin in winter

How to take care of baby’s skin at home in winter

In winter, take care of your broken heart with utmost care. In winter the weather is dry, the skin is rough. Not only that, the child’s risk of getting stomach ailments, fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, etc. is greatly increased. It is possible to protect the child from such problems with a little extra care. If the disease is not very complicated, it is better not to seek the help of a doctor unnecessarily.

Take care of baby’s skin – Humidity increases in winter. Due to this the baby’s skin becomes rough. At this time you need to use good quality lotion or cream to take care of the baby’s skin. You can also use baby oil, glycerin and moisturizing cream. But of course a good brand company. There are many types of baby skin care products available in the market. From there, choose the best one for your baby. Remember that these products are of good brand. Before buying, make sure the product is out of date.

Keep the baby’s hands and head covered – Babies’ hands and head are outside most of the time. So, when you go out with the baby, cover his head and hands well. Cover the baby’s face with a thin cloth. This will reduce his feeling of cold.

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Take regular baths – Take regular baths without neglecting the baby. Take a bath before 12 noon. After bathing, wipe the baby’s head and body well with a clean towel and then put on clothes.

Use skin moisturizer – Moisturize baby’s body after bathing. Be it with lotion or with any Vaseline or jelly. There are various moisturizers available in the market. Use a good moisturizer after bathing on baby’s body.

Eat foods rich in vitamin C in winter – It is important to pay attention to food if you want to take care of baby’s skin in winter. Baby’s winter foods want to be completely different. Make sure the baby gets extra vitamin-C rich food. It is better to feed lemon, orange, malt, amalki. However, children who cannot chew can be fed fruit juice.

Drink Adequate Water – Get your child to drink enough water even in winter. Give the baby plenty of water to keep his body fresh.




Do not walk barefoot – Children need to be careful not to walk barefoot on the floor. You can buy home-made shoes for the baby. You can also spread carpet or thick cloth on the floor of the house. Even if you play sitting on the floor, it will not feel cold easily. In addition, the baby’s bed-pillow will feel comfortable if heated in the sun from time to time.

One Diaper Not Long – Baby should not wear one diaper too long in winter. This causes various problems including rashes and rashes on the baby’s skin. It can also catch a cold.

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Sunbathing – Winter morning sun contains vitamin D, which is very good for newborn bones and skin. In winter, sit in the sun with your baby for 10-15 minutes between 11 am and 12 noon. Baby blankets, mattresses, blankets, sheets, etc. should be dried in the hot sun. It is also important to clean it well after removing it from the sun. It is best to use a cloth cover on these because it is easy to protect from dust and sand.

To prevent chapped lips – use petroleum jelly or lip gel on baby’s lips. Glycerin is also good for baby’s lips. Use of cotton cloth – Baby wearables must be soft and smooth. Use a cotton cloth to ventilate the baby’s skin. In winter, you must wear a cotton shirt under warm clothes. Cotton cloth is also very useful to keep baby’s skin soft.

Baby Oil – Baby oil massage is very useful for protecting baby’s soft skin. This oil massage strengthens and strengthens the bones of the newborn. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing this baby oil. The more natural the ingredients in this baby oil, the better for (Extra Virgin) baby. Such as olive, coconut oil, etc. can be mentioned. These oils help protect baby’s skin. Baby oil rich in Vitamin E can be used for baby. It retains the moisture of baby’s skin and makes the skin soft and supple. You can use these to take care of baby’s skin in winter.

Body and hair wash – In winter, many people think that it is not right to bathe the baby. But this idea is wrong. Even in winter, regular bathing of the baby is important. You can use body wash or soap on baby’s skin. Which applies to the baby. Just make sure they are free of harmful chemicals. Regular bathing in winter maintains the normal softness of the baby’s skin and hair.

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Baby lotion – Baby skin is much more sensitive than adults. So very easily this skin becomes rough and dry. For this, lotion should be used on the body of the child throughout the year. Appropriate lotion for their skin will be used for the baby. Then the baby’s skin will be able to adapt well. Milk-based lotions work well to protect baby’s skin. In addition, lotions with vitamin E also help to keep the skin smooth. Another thing is that baby products should not be too fragrant. This can create other problems.

Every child should be kept in mind –Mosquitoes, flies, insects, ants, etc., so that children do not bite, crime always rakhubana million. Because it can cause a sudden severe allergic reaction. It is better not to keep pet dogs and cats at home. This is because they are exposed to a number of skin diseases; Which can easily infect the baby. Last but not least, never underestimate the power of a baby’s skin. This is because even very small diseases in children often take a serious turn in a short time. Even a simple itch can cause kidney failure and death.

In conclusion: Remember, from a scientific point of view, healthy skin is beautiful skin. Whether the baby is black or fair is not a matter for consideration. So take proper care of your baby for its healthy and beautiful body and skin, keep the baby clean and tidy at all times. Children are our greatest asset. If you can’t do anything at home, take the baby to the doctor right away.


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